Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Things that are depressing me or have upset me in the last week

1. Reading an article last weekend about Jane Campion and remembering a friend of mine in Sydney years ago who suggested to me, having met Jane, that I send her (my friend) my writings, and she could give them to Jane.

I had nothing ready to give. Then.

2. Knocking a glass off the bench yesterday morning as I put bottles in the recycling tub. I'd washed my hair and had a towel-turban which knocked the glass. It smashed on the kitchen floor so I had to clean up properly before tender bare feet started appearing at 7am.

3. Not knowing whether my position will be continuing at work.

4. Missing out at auction to rich fucking people who seem to have bottomless pockets. $725K won't buy a house? FUCK OFF.

5. Hearing that entry to another writing thing next year is "quite competitive." I bet I won't get in.

6. Having a fight with my bro. Hate that.

7. Offending one of my best friends with my thoughtless, rude mouth. Hate that too.

8. The sink in the bathroom getting blocked. Grrrr.

9. The amount of Gigi hair on the rugs.

10. The rain yesterday, bit better today, but the rain. Oh, the rain. Actually the rain didn't bother me, I'm just scratching around for a number 10.

11. Socialising with a couple at daughter's school's end of year partay last Sunday afternoon; hearing that they own 15 properties in Melbourne.


That should have been number 10, not the rain.

A couple of things that have brightened my week:

1. Exchange with aboriginal folk outside IGA around the corner on Sunday. They were lavishing the G with attention, and one told me "I love animals. I wish I was an animal. They are better than people." OK, this made me teary actually, as I walked home. But it was a nice connection.

2. The St Kilda Triangle has been stopped. I am happy about this. I don't care about the $5 mill payout. I'm a rate-payer. I also joined the UnChain StKilda, anti-THAT development movement, so the victory feels nice.

3. Chat on phone with good friend last night. She made me feel better.

4. Watching Get Smart and Lost in Space episodes with the kids. Makes my heart feel better.

5. There's a chance we will be moving soon. Fucked off the house-buying idea, and jumped on the let's-rent idea. Application is in on a place, we shall see.

6. Painting my finger-nails red. Oh yay for small pleasures.


suze2000 said...

Fucking real estate market. I can't believe that I'm HAPPY that we got and paid fucking $500K for this shitty 2br unit, and that we are struggling to pay our mortgage. Because at least we got in before things went crap and then crazy again!

I too resent those people who are paying half as much as we are for houses that are twice the size. If I'd met my hubby two-three years earlier, I too would have an expensive house for a bargain price. It's just a quirk of timing and it pisses me off! I can't believe that a big part of me thinks that a situation like in the US (where the average home hovers around $100K) would be a good thing for everyone concerned! (mind you, the other half of me is terrified of a correction that wipes out our home value to bring this about - imagine being in debt for a house that's worth maybe hundreds of thousands less than you owe! The only way out being personal bankruptcy - which is abhorrent.)

eat my shorts said...

I don't believe those people who told you they own fifteen properties. I think they're liars.

Chai said...
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Chai said...

Hard to believe the r/e market considering the GFC and all. Sorry to hear of your annoyances.