Friday, May 14, 2010

Sorry, no Bali diarama today

I am battling a big headache. Have had it all day. I don't get headaches traditionally, though it has to be said in recent times I am starting to.




I've just had my second coffee, and if that doesn't fix it my recovery-back-up plan involves any or all of the following:

- Blue castello cheese on Vita-Weets (plain)

- Sea salt Kettle chips

- fresh salmon and wild barramundi with green beans and scalloped potatoes (made with cheese and cream, oh my)

- a high top apple pie with cream

- alcohol, ranging from wine to limoncello which really has just turned out a very lemony vodka. Bit disappointing actuallement.

- back episodes of Glee

- a bubble bath

- The Age newspaper on the bed. Now.

My back-up plan does NOT include:

- the Collingwood-Freo game tonight.

Wow. Just writing a list is making my headache recede. Must have been the coffee.

Does that mean I have to resist indulgence tonight?


magical_m said...

"Back episodes of Glee"

Which ones?

And who is your fave?

I have to say, Brittany is fast becoming mine. All those funny comments about dolphins being gay sharks and ballads being male ducks.

Hope your headache has gone by now!


I'm not Craig said...

Sorry to hear about the headache, and also sorry to hear you apparently missed Collingwood-Freo.

I'm sure Clokes has already told you just how awesome it was.

As for Glee, I have decided that it is impossible not to enjoy a show which can take a song called "Alone" and turn it into a duet.

Melba said...

Hi magical! We are working our way through the first season on DVD. The girls have seen them and I've seen only bits of, but hadn't seen the very first one. Love it.

I had to ask Princess which one Brittany is. She's very low-key so far, I think she just said one funny thing so maybe she becomes a bit more prominent.

Of course I love Emma, I really like Rachel, I think Finn is beautiful and I like Kurt.

My fave scene so far was the flashback to when Finn was a kid and his mom was dating the Green Dreams guy (or whatever it was called.)

And INC nice to see you. I went back to your blog last night and read it, talk about delay. My headache I'm sure was hormonal. That time of bloddy life I reckon.
And the renovations don't help. Almost done though. And one application in already which is pretty damn good.

And footy. Well magical, how are your boys going? I'm not even following the ladder really, apart from the top 2 and the fact that st kilda are imploding. Going to be a big game this Friday night and one of the adults in this household is going to go to bed crying, while the other one goes 'nyah nyah nyah nyah.'

Actually that will only happen if Geelong wins.


Ramon Insertnamehere said...

So, my lemons died in vain!

Melba said...

Still drinkable though Ramon.

Will try another batch next lemon season, with another meet up for beer at a pub for the shifty handover?

And don't tell Perseus, he'll complain again about getting only a measly 6 lemons or whatever it was.