Sunday, August 08, 2010

coupla books done

So, I'm still reading Rose Tremain's Sacred Country and loving it.

In about the middle of it I picked up The Mother's Tale by Camilla Noli. I'm not sure what to say about this book. I read it very quickly, the ending was unsatisfying and the writing was too removed and sterile for my liking. I love removed and clean, pared down is what MJ Hyland is great at. Others don't like it, I do. BUT this one. Meh. There wasn't anything new about the story, no reason why the main character behaves as she does, she's quite repulsive actually, and not just because she's a child murderer.

Then I raced through Rocks in the Belly by Jon Bauer. He writes beautifully, just the way I like, and I was intrigued by the story. The main character (at various times an eight-year-old boy and his twenty-eight-year-old adult self) is not likeable and is very messed up. I don't want to give things away in case you want to read it, and I would recommend it, very much, but it left me with a chilling feeling, and I've been looking over my shoulder at shadows for the last few days. I look forward to future books by this author, he's got the fucking goods man. That's all I'm saying. So good to read a new author who is fab BUT he's not Australian, not yet anyway, and so we can't take credit for him.

And that's about it. A quiet weekend, quite a few OC eps, we are almost at the end of Season 3 and Princess and I still love Seth Cohen. Geelong lost the game last night which is a poo but let those Pie-Boys have their fun, and if they end up winning the Grand Final, we Geelong supporters will be safely out of the country, lazing on a Mediterranean beach in the south of Turkey, and I won't have to try to be a gracious loser... Caught up with a dear school friend last night and then proceeded to embarrass her 16-year-old son and my 13-year-old daughter at the dinner table by insisting on talking about sex education. Heh.

Sorry I haven't done diaries, will try to during the week. For my two avid readers of the diarama. Stay strong.


suze2000 said...

I don't think I'll be able to stay in this city if Collingwood win the GF. Their fans are insufferable at the best of times, can you imagine if they WON? Blergh.

magical_m said...

I've had a little break from reading due to working at the film festival (and spending all my spare time seeing movies!) but I just ordered Bret Easton Ellis' Imperial Bedrooms... I don't know what to expect which is kinda good and kinda scary.

I also just ordered a couple of Judy Blume's for my 11 year old niece's birthday... can't wait to discuss them with her!

Oh and Collingwood winning the GF... It's almost as scary as Abbott winning the election.