Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Very Potter Musical

This is something i've been wanting to share for a while. Princess put me onto it, and maybe I'm like the last to know. For out of the morass of Potter parodies has risen A Very Potter Musical, written and performed by a bunch of University of Michigan students/fans of the Potter series.


I have watched all of the first, and half of the sequel.

Check it if you are - or aren't - a fan. It's all on youtube in sections, and it is fabulous stuff. Especially the homo-erotic grafting of Voldemort onto Quirrel in the first one, and the cuteness of Draco Malfoy. If it is possible to have a crush on a girl playing a supposedly evil [yet misunderstood boy] then I have one. If it is possible to have a crush on yet another actor playing Ron Weasley, well then I have one of those too.

As an aside, it kind of took me back to Trapped in the Closet, another beautiful find but of a very different ilk. I might feature that next.

So let me take you to A Very Potter Musical - Act 1, Part 1:


elaine said...

please tell me you've seen the 2000 classic Get Ready to be Boyzvoiced.

If not, I can send you c aopy.

Melba said...

No I haven't. Pls send.

Also so happy to see you blogging again again, I have saved your new one into my faves and you are the only one with an exclamation mark next to their name, just to show my excitement.


magical_m said...

OMG this is awesome!! Totally addicted. It's right up there with Very Mary Kate on my list of favourite things to watch on You Tube right now.

Thank you!