Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nude saints scandale

I'm all over it. It's an interesting case of sexual politics, media feeding, scorned woman, stupid doofus men.

But what's really shocking (though not surprising) is the speedy willingness of people in forums and commenters on news articles who want to call her skank, ho, slut.

And woman are their own worst enemies.

Why is a man called a 'legend' if he is sexually successful?

Why is a woman called a 'slut' if she acts the same way?

I have to say I admire her for standing up to what would be an intimidating and powerful behemoth (AFL, a bunch of grown men with money and power, Demetriou etc.) The vitriol and support she has on the Internet seems almost balanced so far; depends on the forum. Her formspring is loaded with supportive comments, her facebook everyone is mostly slagging her off. I've read her twitter as well, and seen the photos and her video responses to what's been going on.

I hope she comes through it ok. I'm embarrassed for Riewoldt, that people like me have seen his junk. He looks furious in the still photos, and he would be. No matter how she got the pictures, what on earth was he thinking? It's a posed photo but he's fully nude standing there next to another guy (wearing jeans and no shirt, holding out a wrapped condom) and in front of someone with a camera.

What was he thinking?


suze2000 said...

Yes, I think it's a bit shitty that half of Melb has seen Nick's junk. Mind you, he's got less to be upset about than Nicky Del. Or more, haha.

As for the girl, I read her twitter and really think she's got serious issues. She's young, and she's obviously used to using her body to bolster her own self-esteem and was obviously scorned at some point. I mean, if you were Saints management, you'd have photos of girls like her up in training rooms, as "avoid at all costs" written across them.

If she's also the girl at the centre of the cop scandal, well she's been used as well by someone who really shouldn't have. What I want to know is: where were her parents in all this? Poor supervision doesn't even begin to cover their neglect.

I watched the interview with Nick yesterday on ABC 24, and he's livid. I don't blame him. I don't really care who took the photo, though I'm impressed with his level of grooming. Or the circumstances, despite that, I think his story is a little thin. In the good old days, the damage would have been fairly limited, but now with digital technology, it's all too dangerous to allow such photos to be taken in the first place. Especially if you are in the public eye.

Melba said...

Yes the cop thing is worrying, that could lead to some harm of another kind, if it's true.

About the parents' culpability: I know people who are good people with 13-year-olds out of control. It's never a simple matter of "where were they?" though I have my own thoughts on where parents often go wrong. She might have been estranged from them for a while?? They might have turned against her like half of society? Who knows.

I don't know that she's got serious issues. She's only 17! And everything that is revealed through all her social media outlets just reinforces that. She uses her body to bolster her own self-esteem? That's standard for that age, plus sometimes it never stops. Scorned? Also an ancient and cliched disappointment.

Saints management shouldn't have photos of 'girls like her up.' What does that even mean? 'Girls like her'? Pretty girls? Sexy girls? Confident girls?

I'm not 100% in her camp but like I said, I admire her, she has got some balls. And the guys were all stupid tools and maybe something positive will come of it, but it will be at the expense of several reputations.

Surely everyone knows by now not to let people take photos of you in the nud? He could have gotten the guy (if it was a team-mate) in a headlock and made him delete it. Madness!

suze2000 said...

"Girls like her" serial stalkers, troublemakers is what I mean. Don't forget this girl has a history of causing scandal in the club (and if rumours are true, at Collingwood as well). Like hotels keep photos behind the desk of people who abscond without paying their bills.

I can't support her behaviour or forgive her because she's immature. She's been indulging in adult behaviour (sex, alcohol, drugs?) for years and only now she decides she can't handle the consequences?

She's trying to get revenge on people who don't even know her. For what? According to her twitter, it's because Nick "was rude to her in Adelaide". Big whoop! He may not have even seen her. She can't handle rejection and this is the result.

As far as I can tell, the only bad behaviour on the part of Nick R is just men dicking around. There's no suggestion he's slept with her or anyone else he shouldn't have. That picture of Del Santo on the other hand... Notice no-one's talking about that in the media? Because it's seriously dodgy. If he took it, it's dodgy, if someone else took it, ick.

It's not a double standard if that's what's making you bridle. I thought Fev was a wanker for the Bingle photo as well. Mind you, I've thought Fev was a wanker for years before and after that. :P

Melba said...

Is her 'history' of causing trouble at the club a fact or rumour? Is her 'causing trouble' being a young girl, maybe with expectations of being an AFL girlfriend who then won't shut up and acts up when ignored or dropped?

I am aghast at the way it brings out such strong opinion in everyone, and so many people are against her. That's all.

Helen said...

[Quote - why won't Blogger support Blockquote? Boo.]
I can't support her behaviour or forgive her because she's immature. She's been indulging in adult behaviour (sex, alcohol, drugs?) for years and only now she decides she can't handle the consequences?
[End quote]

Jesus f*cking christ.

By that logic, any child prostitute would be culpable because, engaging in adult behaviour.

She's a child. the AFL guys are "adults". At least in chronological terms.