Thursday, December 16, 2010

Obligatory Julian Assange post

I'm not a little disturbed by the fact that there has been American communication (seedy? manipulative? undercover? pushy? instrumental? meddlesome?) with Mark Arbib who was instrumental in bringing down Rudd.

I'm also quite disturbed by Julia Gillard making the statement she did about Assange; using words like illegal in one breath while in another saying it wasn't clear whether it was illegal. Shades of David Hicks in a way; our country deciding a person is a Bad Guy without trial and leaving them to the mighty forces overseas.

What are we? A fucking back-water? New Zealand has bigger balls than we do.

I think I've voted for the ALP for the last time. I cannot respect a government who doesn't do the right thing and say the rights things in these circumstances. That's the only thread that kept me in ALP's camp, and while I swung out occasionally to vote Greens, last election I voted Labor.

Gillard's no better than Howard or any other of the tools that preceded her. Where's her integrity, strength, ability to drive us properly? The car is careening all over the road and it is so disappointing. I'm let down, disappointed but somehow, unsurprised.

I'm not someone who thinks Assange OR HICKS are heroes. But they were both hung out to dry and we didn't do anything about it. Sure, we give them access to consular support like with any other citizen arrested overseas. Like we would have with Chambers and Barlow (Hawke also made a plea for compassion that they not be executed), and Corby and the Stupido Nines or whatever they're called. (no one bothered pleading for them that I know of.) I know Australia cannot interfere with foreign law but we can still make strong statements that show us as evolved and intelligent. No wonder people think we are idiots, stupid, dumbos, soft.

We have to get over our post-colonial shakes and realise that we can keep close ties with the countries that matter while also retaining our independence of thought and speech. And respect.
If not, ie if America is strong-arming us, well that just supports the rhetoric that they are the bully boys of the world. Maybe we can't have it both ways. Maybe we can't stand up for what's right without bending over and taking it up the arse.

But really, do we have to be an accessory to America's world domination? Do we want to be friend with them? Do we need to? Can't we pull away a bit more and be more like Switzerland? (Or New Zealand.)


elaine said...

I worry that perhaps we do need to bend over and take it up the arse.

I know Latham isn't a shining star but he's the only recent leader of an opposition/government who *hasn't* been at least a little 'groomed' by the USA - remember his 'conga-line of suckholes' comment in response to Howard's US-fawnication (I just made that word up)?

(I was looking for my source materal but I can't remember where I found that, sorry)

Melba said...

Yeah, but Latham was/is borderline insane I think. Maybe driven mad by all the injustices and shenanigans of political life, but if that was the case, then not robust enough a character.

I like fawnication. It's an excellent word.

elaine said...

That's kinda my point.

I reckon that Arbib was cosying up to US officials is more a sign of his ambition than anything out of the ordinary.

I don't like it but maybe it's a condition of american friendship - Imperialists will always put conditions on their generosity.

squib said...

We've been talking about moving to New Zealand

The best part is, they have water there

I'm not Craig said...

I have been reading JOhn Howard's autobiography for the past couple of days (after my bastard ex-colleagues gave it to me as a humorous going away present) and I have concluded that Gillard, for all her increasingly apparent faults, could not possibly be as big a fool as Howard.

Still, I agree with you about her treatment of Assange.

Nice to see that the AFP have now said that Assange didn't break any Australian laws.

I too enjoy the word "fawnication". Hey Elaine, can I steal it?

elaine said...

yeppo! all neologisms are fair for the stealing.