Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bloody hell

Oh, Japan now?

I have friends in Osaka, so they are ok but in-laws via my bro in Tokyo. Don't have any news yet.

What the fuck is going on?

My kids are the tsunami-generation. Hell they are the Disaster Generation. Forget Y or whatever they are up to.

It's just too awful to really contemplate for too long. Sorry, I have disaster-fatigue.


In other news, it's the long weekend (yay) and it's a nice day (also yay) and the long-running movie education of Princess is now entering the Horror Genre. We are about ready to head off to the video store, this is the list (we won't get all these...):

Silence of the Lambs - I know it's R but it's a good movie and I might pre-watch again (ages since I've seen it) then could maybe struggle through it again with her. We shall see. I don't want to break my no-R-ratings for another couple of years... But if we are to break it, shouldn't it be for Leo in Basketball Diaries rather than Ant Hopkins in SOTL?

The Omen - CLASSIC and she must watch it.

The Exorcist - another R rating that I won't let her watch but I wouldn't mind revisiting myself.

Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street

And then a few I've not seen or even heard of that she has heard of:


And then Clokes said The Vanishing is very scary. I think I've seen it and if it's the one I'm thinking of, not so?? But can revisit.

Last night we watched Sixth Sense and The Shining. She thought The Shining was funny/piss weak. Loved the Sixth Sense.


I am planning to work on my project this weekend, amongst horror movies. It's not a genre I love but she seems to be curious so rather than leaving her alone with it I am happy to watch them with her. She is particularly interested in Wolf Creek and I have said no. In fact, Wolf Creek was the last contemporary horror movie I saw; it completely put me off the genre. The Ring I couldn't watch with the sound up and without fast forwarding then rewinding and Blair Witch I watched from behind a cushion with the sound down. I am pretty wimpy when it comes to horror.

Enjoy the long weekend.


Alex said...

I know exactly what you mean with the disasters. It's like, what's bloody next?

Genre movies? My specialty. Actually, my specialty is crap genre movies, but here's some thoughts on better known stuff from the 70s to the 90s:

Silence Of The Lambs is definitely worth it (though I'd class it as thriller rather than horror). Except for the use of the word "cunt" it's pretty tame by today's standards. Exorcist, definitely. Though you could consider it legitimately horrifying (might be too much for a kid) (and it also contains the word "cunt"). Nightmare On Elm Street is worth it for a young Johnny Depp. And if you're going with dodgy slasher flicks you can probably throw in Friday The 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Child's Play. Poltergeist is a special effects movie but worth a watch (that fucking clown is scary enough on its own) and Children Of The Corn might be worth consideration. Gremlins 1 & 2 Ghostbusters 1 & 2 and Jaws are all classics but might be stretching the definition of horror. Likewise The Fly. And then there's The Wicker Man and the classic Hammer Horror series of movies like The Devil Rides Out.

Oh, and It has Tim Curry in it.

Melba said...

Wow Alex thanks.

Well today we chalked up Silence of the Lambs - yes the word cunt, twice. My Princess didn't even react though. She liked the movie, she said Lecter wasn't a baddie really. She's right.

We watched Nightmare on Elm Street - yes, P was very taken with the young Depp, there was something wrong with his mouth/teeth but she overlooked that and his bad jeans.

Just watched 2012. It's only saving grace was John Cusack but it was crap really.

I decided against the Exorcist, Halloween and Friday 13th - they are all R. Save for later.

We have the Omen to go, and a couple of others. Orphan I think. And 8-Mile.

So a pretty good effort.

I loved the Wickerman when I was a kid, might put that down for another time. And Texas Chainsaw Massacre, we will also do the Ring I guess sometime.

Alex said...

If you're into dodgy dentistry, check out Legend. It's got a snaggle-toothed Tom Cruise mincing about in a tiny skirt and Tim Curry (yay) wearing a metric fuckton of demon makeup.

Also, I'd recommend the Japanese Ringu over the American The Ring remake. Speaking of Japanese, Battle Royale is worth a look and the Korean The Host is a much better than average "big monster" flick.

And isn't 8-mile a biopic about a rapper or something?

BEVIS said...

Hi there. Just been wandering around the traps, checking to see how many of the old gang are still blogging. Most of you, I'm pleased to see! Awesome.

Anyway, I had to say hi. Hope you're all well.


I'm not Craig said...

Bevis is back! Wow, who's next?Fits?

BEVIS said...

Haha, not likely.

But hello, INC! How are you?

And is it inappropriate to conduct a conversation via comments on MelbourneGirl's blog?

Well until she greets me, I'll do whatever the hell I like.

Melba said...

Bevie, old boy old chap how good to see you!

I'm not blogging much at the mo but def still around.

And see? INC is around a bit too, all chuffing along.

What news have you? Still at your blog? I think I have it in my 2007 favourite folder. Or something like that.


BEVIS said...

Yeah, or you could click on my name.

I'm still there, but I haven't posted anything forever. Maybe I will someday. We'll see.

It was more about feeling nostalgic this week and taking a look back at old friends. Not that I'm calling you old, of course. But much-lov'd, sure.

No real news to share. Sweetums is four now and my little girl is two. I don't know how that happened. (The ageing process mystifies me.)

Say hi to Clokes for me.