Sunday, February 27, 2011

Good news

Gathered my cowardly guts together and called my NZ friend's sister who lives in Melbourne. They are all fine but it was a teary moment to hear a native Christchurch girl talking about her city; she sounded exhausted.
So it's a relief for me and us but still so terrible for so many.
In an effort to cheer myself up, I've been watching An Idiot Abroad, Ricky Gervais's new show. I must admit to a new-found appreciation for Mr Gervais after a fairly long hiatus (mine, not his.)
I don't know that I would call Karl Pilkington an idiot but the series is certainly amusing, interesting and Ricky's laugh is the most outrageous - in a top 3 ever heard during my lifetime, but I still wouldn't place it at Number 1.
After the Golden Globes scandal I googled around looking for stuff on him, and found the series, as well as The Ricky Gervais Show, which is a series of podcasts he, Stephen Merchant (co-writer on The Office and Extras) and Karl P, then with a cartoon created to overlay it.
If I may, I'd suggest you watch some of the podcasts first, then Idiot. That way you'll get a good intro to the character that is Karl Pilkington, as well as the dynamic between the three of them (basically Ricky and Stephen just want to laugh at Karl.)
Oh and Oscars tomorrow night. Can't wait.


dull boy said...

i thought both 'the office' & 'extras' were very clever (and funny)

Another Outspoken Female said...

Good news :) Glad your friends are ok. My friend's girls are safely back in Wellington, unsure what to do with their lives. Fortunately shaken but not traumatized.

Alex said...

I'm glad to hear your Kiwi mates are well and good. Pleasant news appreciated.

What's exciting about the Oscars?

squib said...

I love Gervais, thanks, haven't been keeping up with the telly at all. Just ordered it from amazon uk (which has free delivery to oz on orders of 25 pounds or more at the moment)

Melba said...

I am just loving the Gervaise at the moment. It's a Gervais renaissance in our house, a Gervaissance if you will, I tell you. And Stephen Merchant (who I think play's Ricky's agent in Extras) has Gareth's (from the office) EXACT REGIONAL ACCENT.

If anyone can tell me where it's from, I'd love to know. It's very distinctive.

Oh and the Oscars, nothing exciting about them Alex, in fact they drag on and are really boring in most parts but I sit and watch them every year. Love them for some reason. But I wish Gervais was hosting... We are taping so I'll go and watch now and fast forward through the ads.

Disca Daniel said...

dull boy said...

i saw him on the simpsons wednesday night....that's big time!!!

(we are off to inverloch for the long weekend, inlet foreshore caravan park)