Thursday, June 14, 2012

Enduring Love

I never get tired of this.
I love it so much.

Six years now.

I am wondering how I can incorporate this into my power-point presentations for work.


Anonymous said...

Hey, nice. I remember when these things were all the rage. Golly, was that six years ago, already?

Remember when this bloke was everywhere?

These two frauleins from Frankfurt were my faves. (vid1, vid2)

If I remember correctly, Google had some sort of lip-sync idol contest around about that time. Then the cunty old record labels decided that it was an industry destroying form of piracy or some shit and put their foot down on it. Fuck 'em; I hope they all go bust.

magical_m said...

Bahahaha - I went to the NKOTBSB concert a couple of weeks ago and at our pre-concert dinner was introducing a Canadian friend of mine to the joys of this video. It still is comedy gold. I'd love to know what happened to those boys - and the poor roommate in the background.

Melbourne Girl said...

Sorry Alex, none of those can touch my boys. The twins are cute but their lip-synching sucks balls, especially the one in the back. Also they are just too cutesy. Back Dorm Boys Rule.

And m_m, I can only work out half of your acronym: NKOT Back Street Boy.
If you look around a bit you'll see what happened to the boys. There's a more recent video and guy on the left looks a lot older and thinner in the face. That particular video was the best of the handful.

Melbourne Girl said...
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magical_m said...

NKOTBSB = New Kids On Block/Backstreet Boys. They've banded together on tour because I guess they figure they'll actually fill a stadium that way. They each took turns singing their hits and then did a couple of mash ups. Most hilarious.

magical_m said...

New Kids On *THE* Block. Damn just hitting the "Publish Your Comment" button without previewing first...

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