Friday, June 22, 2012

Oh Paul, I miss you

If we, as a country, vote in a certain ''obstructionist capuchin'' then we "will get a large kick in the bum and [we] will deserve it."

That is as good as anything I've got on this wet Friday.

In other news, Princess and I are going on a road trip to Byron Bay. We are heading up the highway (and then back again) for about 11 days and it will be great. Last time we went up there was on a family holiday in about 2003 or 2004 and I loved driving up, although I was so tired once we got there it was like jetlag and I couldn't find the place we were staying. Someone from the convoy had to come back and get me and drive me in.

We are going to have talking books on the way and I am going to enjoy watching the vegetation and scenery change; that's one thing I remember, the change in the trees.

As for the rest of the family: Clokes will keep working, The Boy will be in QLD with his grandparents and the other daughter didn't want to come. So much for female bonding but actually I understand it. Being trapped in a car with me and Princess for 18 hours would be hell of the worst kind for some people. Our tangential conversations; our philosophical posturings; our exclusive displays of high humour. Yeah, I can see why. Oh also she'd be away from the Internet. Maybe that has something to do with it as well.

But not leaving yet. I'll say goodbye when we do.

Time now for coffee and a bagel I think. With some scrambled eggs. Yum. I have finished work for the term, no more teaching but things with the new business are going really well. We have 18 schools on our books and I had two more enquiries yesterday. We are ace.


suze2000 said...

I hope you have a great time. Byron's lovely, but if you want to head inland a bit there's Mt Warning and the towns around there. Some quite quaint, and the Uki pub has decent counter lunches and cheap (if you come from Melbourne) drinks. There's also the famous Uki pies. The drive's quite nice too.

I seemed to have lost your blog, but came looking for it as I need some advice about cleaning a kilim I bought in Turkey several years back. My cat threw up on it. :( Where in Melb should I take such a thing? (I thought you would have the best idea)

Melbourne Girl said...

Hi Suze, how nice to see your comment. Arrived back from the driving tour this afternoon; Byron was busy and not very appealing (had been there once before; without warm weather it has far less charm) but enjoyed the drive up and back.

Don't take the kilim anywhere. Just clean it yourself. Doesn't matter if the cat-chuck has dried (probably has by now, you've probably tried to wipe off as much as possible with a paper towel or something.) Just get some water on it (you could test the dyes for colour-fastness first if you want - just wet the edge of a clean rag or old tea towel and dab at areas of colour to see if any come off onto the fabric.)

Once you are confident that the colours won't bleed onto each other (ie dark onto light; they shouldn't) just sponge the area. I've seen my ex-husband with a hose onto even pile rugs in the backyard and then scrubbing them with a scrubbing brush and using a bar of soap (like Velvet). But cat or dog or human vomit won't need soap I don't think. Best thing to do, dry it off in the sun if possible (not easy at the moment) but sunlight is the best way to clean a carpet. Also try to avoid getting a large area of the carpet wet and make sure it's somewhere it can dry as quickly as possible, eg over a vent or something.

My daughter spewed on my kilims and carpets, when she was up to 12 months she chucked happily and casually after every feed. I've never taken a rug or kilim to be professionally cleaned. You'll pay and they'll probably try to sell you a rug as well (by denigrating the rug you bought; it's a common tactic.)

If you're nervous just try a small area first; if you're worried about smell afterwards, use a bit of soap and scrub with a brush, wipe off with damp clean rag it will come up nicely. Let me know how you go.