Sunday, September 02, 2012

So a technical problem

It's like this, Alex. (I know it'll be you who helps me but that doesn't mean other people who know what they're doing can't jump in and assist)...

In the old days, at the bottom of my posts page, I used to have something like 'more posts' or 'next page' and this is gone now.

I'm not sure it's because the blog has grown OR whether something has happened with my settings. But I would like to be able to go to a month on the side list and trawl through all the posts in that month.

Just can't seem to be able to do this.


Also, does anyone remember the '80s diaries and how my dad was caught up in a moider? And I don't know if I mentioned on here but I got a couple of comments from a woman purporting to be the killed woman's bio-daughter. Well, it was a cold case and it is now heating back up. All sorts of police interaction (not with me, with my dad). Oral swabs, official statements. At one stage I said to Clokes 'maybe they think he did it?' (not wanting to say 'maybe he did it') and then dad said recently, when I said 'maybe they're saying that to everyone', ie 'we are close to an arrest, we know who did it we're just getting our stuff together' as a way to make people nervous?? and I said 'maybe they think you did it' and dad said 'well I know I didn't do it!'

Anyway, Happy Fathers Day, Dad (don't know if he reads this anymore).




Melba said...

I think I've fixed it myself.

But can you see how it looks from your end? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

This might sound a bit weird, but I think I'd subconsciously concluded your dad wasn't around anymore, because I've never heard you talk about him in the present tense. I think if I was in his position, I'd be at least a bit worried; mainly because my experiences with the law have not left me with an overly positive impression. What can you do though?

The "show all posts from a certain month" thing looks to be working alright. As for the older-posts/next-page thing -- I looked at the code from your blog and compared it to code from TSFKA and Kettle's blog. I noticed they both have "blog-pager" code blocks, which your blog is lacking. So, if it was there before and is now gone, I'd say something has changed in your settings. If you're using a graphical (move stuff around with a mouse) design tool, I'd go and have a look at whether it still shows up there. If so, it means there's some discrepancy between what the design tool is showing and what's actually being put out in the web page.

I don't know if it's a conscious design choice, but the one thing that's always sort of irked me with this blog is that when you're on the main page, you can't click on the article headings to go directly to the article page. It's the only blog I know that doesn't do that.