Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'm back

It was great. I got to see and learn a lot and walked sooo much. Since getting back my blister has healed (heeled) and I've kept up my walking with P, and taking the Gigi too. I caught up with a friend yesterday who I hadn't seen for months - we were at risk of dissolving our friendship over a kerfuffle from last year and I'm glad it seems smoothed over. Maybe going to a book launch tonight - I think I should. Never been to one before and it's for a book I'd like to buy, by an author I'd like to meet/see, whose two other books I enjoyed reading.

I'm also planning some other trips, possibly HK with Clokes for our anniversaire next month and then also possibly something with Princess in September. Remember that ad: Tahiti looks nice? Anyone been to Tahiti? I don't think I've ever met anyone who has. We have a family trip to Bali in the middle of the year, it was already booked and paid for last year before this 'travel opportunity' came up.

The writing: hmmm. Still waiting to hear. There is one of the Big 6 publishers who 'loves it' and who had a 'really positive reader report' (whatever the fuck THAT really means) and wanted to pass it around others in the pub house to read. This means she will be championing the novel and hoping to garner support for it from the PR and marketing people, and whoever else, like other editors. This IS exciting, but after nine weeks of pulling at the skin around my nails and telling myself to be patient, calm and 'that it will all turn out, you'll see' it's getting a little old. Then there's a second publisher who my agent V gave the thing to only recently, by way of a second round. This person is from a large independent (all these publishers are Australian btw) and she was keen to read it and said she would be quick about it. Also my agent thought this person would love the ms. I haven't heard any response from that one (let's call her Second) and nothing more from the previous one (let's call her First). When I met my agent last week - which was a thrill and great - she told me she was expecting to hear from First that same week. Last week. We met on Tuesday. SO, nothing since but since nothing is not a NO, then nothing is OK.

The family were happy with the shopping I brought them. A billion shirts for Clokes, lots of sports stuff for our son (you know, baseball caps and basketball tops). Bags for the girls (I kind of failed at guessing what they'd like but the other day I sent mum home with a funky metallic backpack and little metallic bag on a long strap. She was pretty happy.) The girls took a backpack each and so I'm left with four. Two that I got for myself, and two that are leftovers. Maybe my niece would like one. Then I got lots of tops, and a pair of jeans for myself (I can't remember if I already wrote this.) Shoes. Books.

It's the second week of the holidays and I can't wait for next week when I get the house back to myself. I can't write like this, so I'm wasting too much time on the Internet, watching the Kardashians at night with Princess (AND Clokes, he likes Bruce Jenner. So do I actually) and managing to slowly tidy up after exploding back into the house on Saturday with my travel stuff. Also managing to slowly tidy up my study. I realise I have too much stuff and not enough space so it's become an out-of-control zone where work stuff competes with writing stuff and it's just a hideous mess. I'm out of control with book buying too. Some people have addictions, well I have a few and buying books is one of them. I suppose there are worse things.

The weather in Melbourne is gorgeous. All is well with the world. Life is good.


sarah toa said...

Wow, huge. I kind of skimmed the shoes bags and books information but have been checking in here and there. What a headlong trip! Sounds like you had a great time.

jo_blue said...

Welcome back Melba. Sounds like it was a whirlwind of a trip. Glad life is good.