Friday, April 19, 2013

Well, the news is still bad

but TGIF.

And while I'm here, check this out. I love it. I've been seeing photos around the traps of earth and her lights, eg Berlin below and how east and west still show a differentiation because they tend to use different light globes:

These pics are all credited to a Cmdr Hadfield. And now here's a clip of him - yes, he's an astronaut - doing an experiment for some school kids up in space. It's great and made me think that if I'd been a kid seeing this, it would have been one of the most fantastic things in my life. Maybe it still is.


Mr E said...

You would have thought that given their experiences during the Second World War, that Berliners would have changed things around so that from the air the city looked less like a giant bull's-eye target. The fourth Reich will need to address this issue early in its development, methinks!

squib said...

Melbs, I don't know if you remember we were going to have a bookshop pirate ship. Does the ISS need a bookshop?

Melba said...

Of course I remember squib. I'm saving for our deposit, aren't you writing the business plan? We can pitch one for the ISS, I think they definitely need one on board.

Mr E, it DOES look like a huge bull's eye. The poor Berliners can't even find congruence on light bulbs. One half use halode and the other use I can't remember what it was. I'd like to go to Berlin I imagine the Martinis would be pretty hardcore for some reason. Maybe that's just in my head.

suze2000 said...

That was an amazing video. That guy on the ISS posts a lot of photos and tweets too. Very interesting stuff.

I want to go to Berlin. But it's always just a little too far out of the way. :(

Melba said...

Just found (again) more text on the Berlin pic:

Decades after the wall was torn down, Berlin is still divided into East and West by lightbulb fittings, and the difference can be seen from space. East (right) primarily uses bulbs with sodium gas, and West (left) uses halide bulbs.

From Science is Awesome: