Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm back.

Hong Kong was great. I'm really tired. I have to go to bed now and teach early tomorrow.

I have no news other than that (ie no booky news) and it makes me want to swear heaps.

Maybe I'll just leave it that I won't say when I have no news, I'll only say when I do.

How are you all?


suze2000 said...

Well we went to Sydney on the weekend and enjoyed the SUN and the warm weather very much. We had dinner at Quay, which was pretty good (though a cruise ship was docked and ruined our view of the Opera House and Vivid). This weekend I think we are heading up to Clunes for a mooch.

What were you doing in Hong Kong?

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that HK was swell and you're back safe and sound.

If you can, I'd stop giving too much thought to the book thing. I mean, if you can't do anything to affect it, why worry? The energy would probably be better spent on whatever you're writing now, 'ay?

Things are good and bad here. I'm fine, but everything in my unit seems to be breaking down/playing up all at once; TV/monitor, AC, Fridge, Hot-water system. Fuck, next week the oven'll likely explode.

Hey, remember when we were talking about that video game you were interested in, "Dear Esther"? I saw today that it's part of the latest Humble Bundle. If you don't know what that is (and I'm guessing you don't), it's basically a semi-regular promotional thing; you pay whatever you want for a bundle of games/music/videos/books/comics/whatever AND you get to divide the amount you pay however you like between the content-creators, the bundle organisers and the two charitable/non-profit groups they partner with (Child's Play: Getting toys to sick kiddies & EFF: Crusading for civil liberties in the digital space). Games work on Windows, Mac & Linux. Just thought you might be interested.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I see headlines tonight about new "sex-ting" laws in Vic. Don't know the details, but I understand it's supposed to stop young people who take pictures of themselves being charged with child porn offences. So, go Vic, I guess.

Is this relevant to you at all? I'd imagine it's the sort of thing you'd have to cover at some point, in this day & age.

Melba said...

Hey you two. So suze you're in Vic? For some reason I thought you were out west but maybe you had a holiday there a while ago and I saw some pics on your blog? Confused. Clunes (if it's the one in Vic) is lover-ly. I know it quite well. Re HK, we were there just for fun, for our anniversary which was on Sunday, because I can get the cheap ticket, and we bought one for Clokes.

Alex, I think you're right and I feel I'm managing my anxiety quite well - it's not even real anxiety - but when I expect news and don't hear a thing, then it's frustration more than anything else really. But yes, energy better spent on my current things, which I am doing. So not spending a lot of time on the expending of useless emotion: probably just here I vent a bit. Sorry to hear about your technological shit going on, and Mercury's not even in retrograde! (Coming up again next month though.)

I haven't gone back and watched Dear Esther yet, but Clokes did buy it and download it, I've got it on my computer somewhere, or he's got it.

Yes the new sexting laws are relevant and they are good cause there were kids who weren't predators and who weren't anything more than normal teenagers doing what teens do who got caught out and in trouble and put on the sex offender registry, so in effect had their lives ruined or altered terribly, all because they did something that perhaps can't even be called stupid. A lot of them I think get confused thinking the age of consent is 16 (with conditions) and so didn't realise that even under 18 there were problems with sexual images. Even the police were reluctant and I heard they pushed for the law changes cause it was stupid and while set up to protect younger ppl against predatory ppl, kids were getting caught in the net. So yeah. It's good it changed and good it didn't take too long. Sexting per se is not problematic, not morally anyway I don't believe, but there are issues with younger ppl and adults when images get sent around for revenge reasons, or 'because it's funny.' Can be devastating.

suze2000 said...

I am originally from Perth, and have had to return there a few times in recent years because of my father's death - and we did have a couple of holidays on the West Coast (my favourite part of Australia, by far). So your confusion is warranted.

But I live in Melbourne, like you - in the inner North-East. Have done for six years, at least. :) Any advice for our jaunt to Clunes? Good places to eat?

Melba said...

Hmmm definitely the only fancypant place there, I can't remember the name but you'll know it when you see it, there's only one restaurant open in the main street and the food and service is lovely. I recommend the second-hand bookshop too, there might be a couple. And that's it. That's Clunes. Good 'antiquing' nearby in Kilmore I think it is. It's nice toodling around there. Enjoy!

suze2000 said...

Well we got there just before midday, and had a good old mooch in all the shops and then had lunch in a restaurant at the end of the street called Lucky Strike. It was Excellent. And we were tempted to sit there all afternoon drinking wine - they had a little sitting area that looked perfect for it.

Melba said...

If it had a red velour chair out the front Suze that was it but somehow I don't think that was the one unless the name has changed. Just looked at it on google maps, that about the spot so maybe it was. Food was great, cool interior. Glad you enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

Melbs, I didn't realise you'd already bought Dear Esther.

With the youngsters, I think it's important for them to realise how easy it is for photos and videos to "get out", and that once they're out, they are out there FOREVER. Something I thankfully didn't have to deal with growing up.

Suze, I agree with you on the west coast. A chunk of the family moved to WA in the mid 1900s (mostly to shoot camels & donkeys, but made their fortune in the mineral game) and settled around Freo. I haven't been to visit in a long time, but I do love the place. I think when all the nieces and nephews here are grown, and the oldies have shuffled off, I'd like to head over there to spend my twilight years.

I know some people like to say it's boring and crap* over there, but fuck it, I'm boring and crap now too, so it suits me.

*Actually, I suspect there might be a few Melbournians who think everything outside Melbourne is crap.

Melba said...
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Anonymous said...

Well, I was thinking about all the times on TSFKA that the Melbourne boys stuck the boot into Perth, and Mr E always having a go at Queensland and Ramon calling Adelaide (if I remember correctly) a hell-hole in the middle of a wasteland.

All in good fun, I'm sure; but that's how I intended my comment as well.

I swear I wrote Melburnians and spell-check popped up and told me to put an 'o' in it.

Melba said...

I deleted my comment thinking it seemed a bit bitey but of course you have that feed thing.

I love other places as well as Melbourne. Thanks for clarifying.

Anonymous said...

No, bite away. I might bite back, but it's not like I'm going to go off in a huff or hold a grudge or something silly.

Melba said...

Good cause neither would I. Yay. [Holds out little finger for Alex to link with her little finger and do a shake.]

Did you do that in QLD at primary school? And then the other one was interleaved hands (your own) opening them and saying 'Break friends, break friends, never, never make friends!'

Anonymous said...

I was distance ed until high school, but even so, I gladly link my pinkie with yours, Melbs.

Actually, that reminds me, I don't want to get all sombre and mood-kill-ey, but since I live alone and there's a high degree of separation between the different areas of my life, I keep a USB stick with a note marked "in case of death or incapacitation". Among other things, there's a generic notification email with some spaces for the sender to fill in and a list of recipient email addresses (mostly work contacts and stuff). I was thinking of adding you to that list. Would that be okay? Would you even be interested in getting something like that? It doesn't creep you out or anything does it?

Melba said...

Oh I'd be honoured and it doesn't creep me out at all. I definitely would like to know if you died (that's what you mean, isn't it?) and I'd be really sad. Would I get to go to the funeral? I would like to know who you are... eventch-ually! (you're meant to say that with a Manuel accent.)

Problem is I closed down that stupid yahoo email address that started spamming everyone. I think you probably know my name, I've sent you word files that probably have it in them, the created by bit. If you have that, you can find my wordpress and on that you can find my email address. I don't need to know your name, because now I definitely think you're like a spy or a hacker or something, and I will continue to respect your anonymity.

Hey you're not that dude in Hong Kong are you?

Anonymous said...

Pffft, nah, that bloke's an amateur.

So yeah, it'd just be a notification if I died or was crippled or brain-damaged by a stroke or something. Just to let you know why I wasn't dropping by to talk shit at you anymore.

I'm sort of surprised that you'd want to travel all that way to go to the funeral of someone you'd never met; and I doubt I'd want you to come see me if I was just propped up in a bed dribbling on myself. And while I suppose it wouldn't make much difference to me, I do tend to unload a bit of shit about my family on here, so there's that to consider. I'll have to think about it, I guess.

I've never made any attempt to uncover your real identity or your other blog (I'm pretty content just chatting to my mate Melbs on here), but I suppose it'd be an interesting exercise if you're saying it's okay. I won't even use the word docs, I'll see if I can do it through deduction and google.

Melba said...

Haha. Wonder how long he stays alive, poor guy.

Um so sure, try and find me I don't mind, and I'd be interested to know how long it took you (I'd say about 3 minutes cause I know there are leads) but just realise that the mystery will be over. Over, I tell you. And it may never be the same again. Hehehe.

I'd go to your funeral because I feel like you're a friend and also it would make a good story. Be something different, I like doing different things. But you think about it (the notification thingy) but if you want, put me on the list.

Anonymous said...

So, I sent an email to someone. Pretty sure it's you. I'm guessing there aren't that many two-woman teams teaching sex-ed in Melbourne. That was the first avenue I tried and it yielded a result pretty quick. That led to a Wordpress blog that looked about right.

Can't type too much tonight. On sort of a working holiday at my brother's over the weekend. Been using heavy power-tools all day and my fingers are shaking (I'm getting old). Back home tomorrow night.

But I can't help going off on this tangent:

You ever read The Musicians Of Bremen? I had a copy that I absolutely loved as a wee lass. Then today, I saw this sorely abridged version on ABC kids. The woman in the video is sort of how I've always pictured Squib. My brother pointed out that, with the outfit and all, she actually bears a striking resemblance to one of our aunts (back then), who coincidentally, probably read me that story a few times. It never clicked before, but it turns out I've been imagining Squib as one of my favourite old aunts who used to tell me wonderful stories as a kid. Odd.

Then my sister-in-law, who is all class, helpfully suggested that you could write a rude version of the story about a bitch, a pussy, a cock, and an ass. So, you're the writer Melbs; sound like an appealing project? I could illustrate?

Melba said...

Got the email and sent back.

Haven't read that Alex, hmmm. Let's see the illos first?

Melba said...

And on that note, how's your blog going?

Anonymous said...

Progressing at approximately the speed of a thousand snails (see other thread for details of why). But I may just have a go at some illos when I get a moment.