Saturday, May 11, 2013

The bad thing about sharing a bed is that

when the other person wakes you up with their sharp chicken foot at 5am, and then does it again, and again, and then when you are really awake they start breathing really heavily and then snoring, that's all not even the worst thing. The worst thing is that you can't turn on the light to read and then hopefully fall back to sleep.

Oh no.

You have to get up and leave the bed, go out into the chilly house.

You can't make a coffee because it'll wake up two of the three children.

So you tell yourself you might as well work.

But in other news, how were those Geelong boys last night?


suze2000 said...

My cat woke me by breathing on my face this morning. BREATHING. And not blowing. A cat surely has no idea how to blow. But I felt something on my face that woke me and it turned out to be Barry. Sheesh.

Happy Mothers' Day BTW. I hope you have a good day.

Anonymous said...

But in other news, how were those Geelong boys last night?

I give up. How were they?

It's been quite a while since I've had to worry about the difficulties of sharing a bed with someone (be it man or cat), and come to think of it, I don't miss it. Maybe the old TV shows were onto something with the separate single beds, no?

The worst thing is that you can't turn on the light to read and then hopefully fall back to sleep.

If you got a cheap tablet, you could have a million billion books on it and you could read in bed at any time without a light on. I know you don't want one, but if I knew any of your family members, I'd tell them to get you one anyway. I reckon you'd warm up to it in no time. I gave one to my folks and they love it. Even Dad. And he hates computers.

Melba said...

Thanks Suze. Sometimes I wish I had a cat and I think Barry is an excellent name. My day yesterday was pretty good, yummo late breakfast and my mum came over too. The fam gave me navy ugg boots. Yes I requested them. I wonder whether there's a spike in products made of sheepskin sold on MD.

Oh Alex I hope you didn't spend too much time wondering about the Geelong boys. I'm talking football. They won on Friday night, beat the top team Essendon and now are top o' the ladder.

Funny about the single beds on the old tv shows. My daughter and I recently watched something that had single beds for a married couple.

I know I don't want a fucking tablet thingy, I just don't. It's not about hating computers like your dad it's about hating the idea of reading something that's not a book, as a book. Having another plastic/metal doodad. Part of the reason I'm so resistant is that people keep telling me how FABULOUS they are. It just makes me more stubborn. It's ok, I got up and worked for 3 hours then went back to bed, turned the light on as it was lighter in the room anyway, then fell asleep again.

little hat said...

Go Geelong, but i hope you realise that Geelong is part of the Lions/Fitzroy diaspora along with North Melbourne now that the Scott boys are spreading the love. If only Vossy could find a way to emilate their success.Resist the tablet - apparently they are addictive, as is most modern technology.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so then GO CATS! I'm guessing?

I don't know about tablets being FABULOUS, but they certainly can be a useful tool.

I hope you're liking your ugg boots. Maybe I should get a pair. I've been buying cheap-arse slippers for a while now, and they only seem to last roughly one winter before the insides turn to a putrid slime. Might just be my ageing feet, too.

Funnily, I had some old rellies (both dead now) who slept in separate beds in separate rooms. I think the real reason was that they both snored, but people used to joke that it was because they'd end up killing each other if they slept in the same bed (they used to row something fierce). Didn't stop them having a dozen kids, though.

Melba said...

Little Hat, you too re Cats and tablets? I can assure you if I had a kindle or tablet-thingy it wouldn't get used. And then I'd feel bad. Although I do admit to a little bit of a 'really' when Alex said I could read w it in bed w the light off. SURELY NOT! And for that to work I would have to have the same books on it that I read in paper AND keep track of page numbers which would involve putting the light on. NO, too much work.

I am loving myself sick in my new ugg boots Alex. Haven't had any since I was a kid, and then I've been through a couple of target/Big W pairs - man they stink up quickly. I have very smelly feet so we'll see how these go but they are navy, they are the 'tall' ones, & I've sprayed them with suede protector stuff so if they get a little bit rained on hopefully they won't get stuffed. They are really comfy and warm, starting to get cold down here. Get some Alex. Get some in navy! And tall then we can be twins: one at the top end and the other one down the bottom.

I reckon you're old rellies who are dead, I'm hoping they didn't kill each other, kept their marriage going and had all those children *because* they were in separate rooms. Works for some people. I can see us doing it if we had a spare room; would have to explain to everyone that it didn't mean we don't like each other and that would be a pain. Having to explain.

Anonymous said...

The last thing I'll say about tablets is if you do get something for reading in bed with the light off, make sure it's back-lit and not an eInk display (you can't read those in the dark).

No, they didn't kill each other. They lived into their nineties and finally succumbed to dementia. If you ever get your place in the country, or when the kids move out, you might be able to trial the separate bedrooms idea. You might even keep a third bed made up for when things get ... messy. Or not, the possibilities are endless.

Hearing about your stinky slippers makes me feel much better about my own experiences. I now feel more confidant my feet aren't rotting before the rest of me. I will be keen to hear how the uggs hold up. If they do well, I will very seriously consider getting a pair (tall navy ones) after the current slippers deteriorate into toxic sludge. They are still new, and already I have a bad feeling about them.

Melba said...

Ok noted about the tablet...

Sorry I hope that didn't offend what I said. And if I ever get my place in the country, you have to come and visit. With your navy tall uggs.

I am really onto foot health now, and vein health. I know you do exercise but do you walk? My vein man told me walking half an hour is important. I don't know how old you are but I have noticed broken capillaries around my ankles and my dad has really bad circulation, veins etc. He had the varicose veins stripped a few years ago but he's had ulcer problems on his shins and my sister and me don't want to go the same route (she's 5 years younger than me but a teacher so on her feet a lot. Apparently teachers often have bad veins - standing or sitting for too long is bad.) SO, I had some needle treatment, lasery thing. He ultrasounded my big veins and they were fine (my sister's weren't, she had to have a different treatment, plus diff doc) AND anyway, what my doc calls pressure and family history of circulation problems are warnings. Pressure is standing but also he said my calves are really tight. I laughed and said it was all the exercise I was doing. (I have the feeling I've said all this somewhere on this blog, er) but in my family we have big muscley calves (mine are the smallest, my sister and dad and bro have real athlete calves) and the doc said even with exercise and muscles my calves shouldn't the that tight.

I'm working up to the stinky feet. In addition to these circulation things, cracking of the heels and tinea etc (which I've had but seem ok now - the VitaminD?? that's a joke, I say the VitaminD has cured everything, even a wart I've had on my finger for like 35 years I'm not joking, started to get smaller and has disappeared) I think might all be connected to circulation and exercise. You look at old people's feet, often they are purple and shadowy around the ankles and beginning of the shin. When circulation is bad then there can be skin issues too, like ulcers etc. So for me, walking is key and wearing those compression socks occasionally if I'm sitting for too long. Also for plane flights.

This is turning into Geriatric Old Fucker Blog.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we're turning into geriatric old fuckers?

Sorry I hope that didn't offend what I said.

You mean the tablet or the dead rellies? In any case, no on both counts. In the second case, I got quite a chuckle, actually.

My mum and gran and brothers (all teachers) have all had problems with veins in their legs, and I spend most of my day sitting in front of computers, so I am not hopeful. I walk to the shops and I have a tendency to pace when I need to think, but it's probably not enough. Since I've shrunk down, I've noticed the veins (and also tendons) in my hands and feet all seem really pronounced, like my extremities are a mass of bulges and criss-crossing lines - like an old crone drawn by an illustrator who wants to show off their knowledge of anatomy. With any luck it's not a foreshadowing of anything sinister, just an ugly side effect of the weight loss.

Having said that, I wouldn't trade in how good I feel these days to get the smoothness back. I don't know if I said this here or on Naomi's blog, but I think a lot of people get carried away imagining that exercise has to be a big ridiculous all-or-nothing life-changing commitment, but it really doesn't.

suze2000 said...

Alex, where's your blog? I clicked on your name but there's nothing on your profile.

I'm curious about your last comment about exercise not needing to be all or nothing. And about "smoothness", what do you mean by that?

Anonymous said...

Ahem, yes, a very good question Suze. I have been talking about starting a blog for a while now, and guaranteed Melba that I'd have something going by the end of the year. I should really get back to work on that.

On smoothness: You see, at one stage I was a horribly fat person with an alcohol problem. When I stopped drinking, I stopped hanging out with my drinking buddies. That gave me quite a bit of free time, so I started exercising. Now I am trim and muscular, having lost over half my body-weight (it's weird to think that I could make a whole 'nother woman out of my discarded lard, and she would be bigger than me). Unfortunately, in the process, my entire body has become a mess of boney lumps, bulging muscles, tendons, veins, wrinkles, loose skin and stretch-marks. I sort of resemble a lump of gristly meat that's been chewed up and spat out. Gone from being soft and smooth and cuddly to tough and jagged and gnarled; Stay-Puft marshmallow to melted Stay-Puft marshmallow; full-face to saggy jowls; fun-bags to sad-sacks (you get the picture). BUT I feel so healthy and energetic now that I would never want to go back; not even a little.

On the all or nothing: I know many people who don't exercise at all. Some of them have no interest, but most of them say they do want to lose weight, get fit, be healthier, etc, but never get around to it. I think for many of them, they envision getting fit involving half-hour to an hour gym sessions three to five times a week, or joining a sport's club, or hours of jogging, or some such. They build it up in their mind as something so costly and time-consuming and unachievable that it doesn't even seem worth trying for. But really, all they need to start is some floor space and ten minutes each night before showering. As I said to Melba, I do a minimum of a couple hundred push-ups a night -- but I started out doing only about ten. The important part was that I started (and kept going).