Friday, June 14, 2013

West Wing and Game of Thrones

So. At the end of a week which has seen twitter (and the wider world) mired in a series of yuck after yuck after yuck stories, it's time to feast all eyes on what TV I've been distracting myself with. (That has to be the worst-written sentence in the history of the world.) We are also watching MasterChef (no surprises there.)

Sorry about the captions being centred. They look horrible but I can't be fucked working out how to just have the text under the pic. Works for the top one, not the bottom and I can't be buggered spending more time on it. Have a great weekend.  Stay safe, don't read the fucking papers, don't get depressed. Keep it together, we'll be fine.

It's something about his voice. The way he articulates his words, managing to sound very high-born but filled with pathos at the same time. Not saying I fancy him but he is one of my fave characters. How could he not be?

The way Josh walks, his backpack, the side-looks he gives people when he's tired. I also love Toby so much.


magical_m said...

Nothing puts a goofy grin on my face quicker than a photo of Josh Lyman. Bless his swaggering, voice-that-goes-up-five-octaves-when-he's-nervous, idealistic self. J'adore.

Happy weekend!

Melba said...

Happy weekend to you too! Last night we had the ep where he is talking to Sam about how Donna is pushing him to ask out Joey. And his voice goes really high at the end and Sam says: 'Do you know your voice went really high at the end of that sentence?'

Sah funny.

M said...

Masterchef is driving me kind of bonkers. Is it just me or do they all seem a bit like none of them can cook? Perhaps I've watched too many seasons...

Alex said...

So, Labor is pretty well rooted then, huh?

And Windsor & Oakshott are both throwing in the towel?



Melba said...





Alex said...

Well put, Melbs.

Melba said...

And hey magical, haven't watched MChef for a week or so but you're right, it does seem as though none of them can cook.

Feeling ordinary today, can't believe I didn't see last night coming a mile off. Gillard did, she was ready and prepared and there's no way she didn't expect it. Rudd was just so smarmy but I do think he's the better chance 'going into an election' and I hope Abbott has lost some of his smugness.

It's all over twitter so I'm not going there. Just want to avoid the whole thing really until I have to vote. Blech.

Perseus said...

Hello stranger.
I actually logged in and did a Game of Thrones review on my book blog.
If I blogged TV as well I would've done a le tour review as well - I also watch every second of every day, every year.
What with reading the GoT books, watching le tour, and having a baby, and going to work, I've been so tired I never know where my keys are.
Hope you're well.

Melba said...

PERSEY!!! Yes, I am very well. You have a baby, I can't believe it, and yes, tired much with the Tour, I've survived it but it almost killed me this year for some reason. Love it. I'm still on the second GoT book, but up to date with the show. So good to hear from you my friend. Thanks for stopping by, will head to yours now.