Friday, June 28, 2013

Gone fishing, back later.

What a good week to just fuck off and get away. Stay well all, stay warm you southerners, stay away from politics and stay away from inferior vodka.


Another Outspoken Female said...

A Big Like to those sentiments. Have a good time!

sarah toa said...

Yay! That sounds just wonderful. I love this post.

Melba said...

Ahoy. Well I'm still away typing on a blurry iPad so it will be short. Am thoroughly relaxed and chlorinated, it's lovely. Hope all well, I am also in Tour heaven they have Eurosport channel here so we tune in each night two hours before Melb so I actually get to see the END of races instead of falling asleep. We brought our big TDF magazine from Melbs and I've read it cover to cover. Am reading Questions of Travel too which is apt although you couldn't say we are travelling other than room to pool, pool to food place, maybe a little walk along the shops. Nice. Eating lots of fish, not catching much. Strange about that. Hugs xxx

Melba said...

And how's the politics? Actually saw Leigh Sales interview Kevin last night on 730 report will tune in tonight to watch Tony. Last night K didn't answer any questions but imparted a lot of 'info' - I expect tonight Tone also doesn't answer questions but also doesn't impart any info, will be interesting.

Anonymous said...

How right you were. Tone did not impart any info, because the gutless cunt is scared shitless of doing a proper interview. He's also refusing to debate Kruddy before an election date is formally set. That should tell you something, right there. Also, fuck all policy detail from what I can see.

Good to hear you're enjoying yourself. Can I ask what part of the world you're in?

Also, how much VD have you been taking. I tentatively started on supplements this week. Did you speak to another doctor about it yet?

I had my little cousin who moved here a little while ago hanging around the other weekend*, and ended up catching up on Game Of Thrones. Very pleased with how most of the story threads are going. Only a few disappointments. You've been reading the books, hey? What've they been like? How far along is the show?

I've also started listening to Oliver Stone's "Secret History Of America". It's meant to be this sort of shocking "here's what most yanks think happened in the last 50yrs of their geopolitical history -- and here's what really happened" type thing. Which I find interesting, because mostly I'm more surprised by what's presented as the "official American" version than the revelatory "true" story. Maybe there's some truth to the old joke that "most yanks can't find the USA on a map, because they don't have a clue how it relates to the rest of the world", or maybe Oliver's just being a bit overly dramatic. Maybe a bit of both.

*She dragged me out to the parklands today (girl needs to start making friends of her own). Lots of people swimming and sunbathing. I had to strip down, even in the shade. It certainly is warm here for July.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Insight had a thing on virginity, which covers a lot of the same ground we did in that discussion the other day.

Just in case you're interested.

Anonymous said...

Also, can I just restate how much I detest Rupert Murdoch. I feel like I almost need a new word to describe the emperor-palpatine-esque bastard. Ubercunt, perhaps?

I swear, the man's like a malignant affliction upon humanity.

Melba said...

I like ubercunt Alex. I'm in Bali and its hot and steamy lots of rain yesterday. Back on Sunday. Am v v relaxed and bowel-focused. Liquid for the first week not I'm blocked up. Argh. But we are having fun. Re Vit D I had full blood tests recently and my D levels were sitting at 110 and I think the upper range of normal is 250 so I'm on 5 or 6k ius a night. Am in the shade here not doing the sun bec I have to get a cancery thing cut out when I get home nothing serious just a basal cell thing and I burn so am avoiding sun. The doc seemed a little disbelieving when I said my shoulder pain had disappeared within 3 weeks of starting VD on 6K a night also that I was feeling so energetic but he didn't seemed concerned w me taking it or the dose. So give it a go but I suppose you shld check your levels? Still waiting for AOF to chance by and comment on this. She's been away but is back now... Gotta go to bfast - buffet naturellement - didn't get to watch the Abbott interview but thx for confirming his predictable performance. You must be far north for it to be warm. Man.

Melba said...

Hey AOF should you chance back this way can you pls tell me and Alex about Vit D?

Anonymous said...

Ah right, you're on that Bali holiday you were planning. I see.

The weather has turned cold again here. Still not freezing, but too cold to swim. Must have been a little heat wave. The weather is buggered.

Wow, 5-6K. I'm only starting with 200. And yes, I'm also keen to hear what AOF has to say.

When I wrote about Abbott, he was still dodging the interview. Didn't do it until a couple of nights ago, and only with Uhlman. I think he is scared of Sales. Probably scared of confrontation with women in general. Scared of how it might make him look.

Sorry to hear about the bowels. Hope things are better for the last days of your trip.

Melba said...

Hey I'm back. I doubt 200 will do anything Alex. You need to load up but check first why don'tcha? BUt I can say this: as long as your levels aren't high anyway, Vit D is hard to overdose on. And if you have stiff/sore joints or limbs, tiredness and lethargy, and even a dullish mood, the Vit D worked wonders for me. More energy, a lifted spirit, no more aching when getting out of bed in the morning, and fixed my actively sore shoulder (I had bursitis, and pain would radiate down my whole arm and I couldn't sleep on that side etc etc). Now it's perfect. Took 6000 ius of Vit D a night and noticed a difference after about 3 weeks. I'd pooh-poohed my mum suggesting it and did it only to shut her up. So glad I did and now I am just keeping on going. In summer, I take it down to 3 or 4 a night, but up to 5 or 6 in winter.