Friday, September 06, 2013

Friday fun with Pauline Pantsdown


Anonymous said...

Wow, where have the last fifteen years gone.

It's weird when I think about mostly grown-up family members who weren't even alive at a point in time that seems like fuckin' yesterday.

How old would P have been in '98? Like one or two? It's funny to think that for people of that age, this stuff is from a completely different generation.

Melba said...

I know. She was 2. It's just flown, she's turning 17 next week.

It's a shame there doesn't seem as much *apparent* political satire any more. It's there but you have to find it or someone has to show you it. I've tried to find early Leunig political cartoons, they were just super and in the paper all the time. But then I think he got really hammered by a couple of things, I think the baby in the creche one was the end of it, people turned against him and he became really disillusioned politically. Don't think he does much now.

Anonymous said...

You seen this one yet?

So, Gina's vision is a nation of wealthy people who are legally untouchable and poor people who can't vote to change the system.

I agree with you on the paucity of political satire at the moment Melbs. Surely there's an overweight, musically-inclined drag-queen out there somewhere that can do something with this.

Anonymous said...

Ms Rinehart used the article to praise the tax policies of Ireland, where the company tax rate is 12.5 per cent ..."They understand you don't make a country rich by overtaxing it!" she wrote.

She does realise that Ireland went fucking tits-up, right? Fuck. Why isn't this mentioned in the fucking article? Have another go, Freya at the ABC.

Anonymous said...

Why do pundits on the telly keep calling the Kattermites a fringe party out on the right wing? I know Bob's a socially conservative dickhead and his party's full of close-minded bigots, but his economic platform -- that he's actually running on -- looks to me to be all about state ownership of essential infrastructure and services, government regulation and economic protectionism. Am I fundamentally mistaken about what political left and right means?

Sorry, it seems I've slipped completely into election rant mode. Should I take this over to TSFKA? I notice there's no new thread there.

Melba said...

No don't take it there, it's dead there and they don't deserve it> Keep it here for tomorrow night. Maybe Mr E'll swing over, martini in hand.

I'm going to bed, need to be fresh tomorrow, Princess is having a party in a park as well, and stressing about weather and whether the food will be ok and will boys bother turning up...

But I'll be back for election time, fo sho. Even a little bit. Who knows the party might be boring and I CAN sit there on my phone.