Sunday, January 12, 2014


Well, I have no real news other than I get the agent notes tomorrow! Yay. I've been waiting since the middle of December and it's great that they are promised for tomorrow. I haven't been hassling her but she's been running behind and is very apologetic. Tuesday I go away 'fishing' again - we have a heat wave on the way and while I'm always happy to just stay inside, we've been invited down the coast (me and P; Clokes is staying in town with one of the other kids; third child is down the coast with his grandparents.)

So it'll be nice to go away for a few nights; spend some time with family, set up on the beach in my little shade tent and swim and read and eat fruit. And compost what I need to do for the revision.

P and I are working our way through West Wing. I love it that she loves it. We are in Season 6, which is the second-last. It's getting really exciting. I think we'll finish before we go away.

Reading: I'm re-reading Donna Tartt's The Little Friend, which I bought and read after reading The Secret History. I didn't like it much at all, think I wanted it to be like Secret History BUT now that I am a more mature reader (and after reading and loving The Goldfinch, her latest) I decided to try it again. But I'd donated it to the op shop. I rarely get rid of books because they are my good friends/babies/lovers, whatever you want to call them. I've gotten rid of things like Jodi Picoult (sucked in to buying a couple) but other than those, I've kept everything. Including my Sidney Sheldons and Jackie Collinses.

So I had to re-buy it, and it wasn't easy. When I first went online to try to order it, it wasn't available. I checked the op shop, because it wasn't that long ago it was taken down there, but no. Wasn't there. I bought about a dozen other books, of course. And because I'd been in a bit of a rush, I convinced myself I might have missed it, so I went back, and bought more books that weren't The Little Friend. And then I checked online again and it was there. They must have ordered them in because of her latest book being so successful.

So I got it, and started it. It's very readable (I don't think that was the problem last time) so I shall keep on with it.

So apart from all that incredibly riveting information, there's nothing much else to report. The holidays seem long this year, actually. We'll go for a drive later, the L-plater that is, do our walk with the dog in the evening and settle in for West Wing. We've got schnitzel for tea, P is doing her research for her 4,000 word essay on the influence of Italian fascism on nazism, I'm doing my pottering online and waiting for this frigging email and marked-up manuscript and all is well with the world.


Ramon Insertnamehere said...

It is not little.

Nor is it your friend.

phoenixmummy said...

Good to know all is well in your world Melba.

Your are so literary, so smart and so is your gorgeous daughter. All I can wonder is... where do you keep your books as you seem to have so many.

I haven't read a novel in ages. I think I am waiting for yours.

Am in Malaysia right now, the kids visiting their dad. we are all staying together. It's weird and good and some times terrible all at the same time. For the first time in ages, I feel I need to write it out.

Hope to catch up soon. xx

Melba said...

Oh Ramon, I'm liking it this time. But I'm sure you've not read it, instead are being funny.

Jo, you're away? Yes we must catch up when you get back defo!

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