Thursday, May 29, 2014

I don't like the new look

I wanted to keep the old one but also wanted to install that google statistics thingy and you needed an updated blog blah blah. I can't find a template like the old one and can't even find a neutral looking one so went all dark. It's a shock every time I come here. The old one felt like home.

When I have more time maybe I'll try and see what I can do but I did spend a few hours looking before and with nothing better than this it seemed.

Nothing much else to report. Reading. Teaching. Writing. Wrangling. All as normal. Going out for dinner tonight with Clokes and another couple to Indian, so yay for that. Caught up with a friend I had lost touch with for 5 or 6 years, saw her Tuesday. Yay for that as well, happy to be back in touch. Princess finished her Maths IA, and is almost finished her History IA, Extended Essay and TOK Essay. So they will be massive things for her to cross off her (our) list.

Weather had turned chilly but it's ok. Our heating has been fixed and so we won't freeze.

And my tax return is done AND I have a big bill cause of capital gains AND Clokes asked about it (we keep our money stuff pretty separate) and when I told him how much he said it was wrong. Seems the accountants don't know it was my primary residence, it wasn't a fucking investment property. So I shouldn't have to pay so much. Seems they have fucked up. Seems I will be changing accountants (and not having to pay so much. I really hope. Let's all cross fingers together and I'll take you all out for dinner, okay?)

Other than that, well, yeah. I'm tracking with my morning constitutional powders and vitamins, and my evening ones too. Feeling I'm over the mucous, or nearly, with just a little sputum coughing in the morning. Got my energy back, mostly, although this week have been stuffed, really tired. Had two periods in a month, one after 19 days and another after 18. Great.

It's been a really long week, not least because Game of Thrones wasn't on Monday night. Bloody Memorial Day in the US.

So what's your news? What are you reading? What are you eating and drinking?


Bob Ellis reckons Abbott will be gone by end of next week. Party here if so.


Alex said...

Glad to hear you're finally feeling better, though still not 100%, by the sounds of it.

News? I've gone deaf in my left ear on account of a hard wax build-up, which I've been trying to attack on a nightly basis with softening drops and cotton buds (Yes, I know the risks). 3 days and I still haven't got it all. Ear is starting to get a bit tender though.

On the bright side, it's still warm here. T-shirt, singlet, shorts, socks, and I'm almost too warm.

Eating? Fruit, veg, meat, cheese, eggs; all very simple here. I keep eying off the nuts and dried fruit when I'm shopping, but fuck me if they're not expensive these days.

Reading? I think I mentioned this, but I read "The Hunger Games" books the other weekend, after seeing the movies. I thought they were good; even if they were written for teens. Reminded me of old sci-fi short stories.

That's a bugger about the tax. I'm afraid I can't help on that one, but maybe on the blog template ... I can give you a hand with Blogger's customisation tools if you like. It should be easy enough to make it look like the old one, at least.

If Tony goes next week and gets replaced with someone further to the left (though I don't know how much of an improvement Dutton would be), I'll streak down main street. I won't have to, though, I suspect; because I'm quite sure it's not going to happen. Yeah, I heard on Media Watch that there's enough disquiet on the backbench that journos are openly asking Abbott if he'll make it to the next election, and maybe he won't, but there's no way they're going to dump him at this point, is there? Unless ... maybe ... something happen with the budget in the Senate? I guess? ... Oh, I do hope I'm wrong.

sarah toa said...
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sarah toa said...

Sorry, my last comment absolutely HAD to get deleted. Something about eating the crutch out of my new KGs, Newstart and cash jobs. Talk about flying by the seat of my pants, financially that is.
I'm glad you are feeling better Melba.
I use statcounter for blog stats. Google is just starting to freak me out a bit.

little hat said...

I'm in Malta Melba eating sweets and drinking coffee. Walking the old streets afraid some of the crumbling buildings might collapse on me. Valetta, the capital was built in the 1500s and feels like no one has done any renovations since then, I love it.
I'm planning to do a lot of writing over the next 6 weeks, then be a tourist for the last four - Rome, Naples, Sicily.

Warm here, but not hot yet. Plenty of Mediterranean sea breezes.

phoenixmummy said...

Hey Melba,
So glad to hear you are feeling better but sorry about that tax thing. What a shit.

I would attend any party if it's celebrating Abbott gone, I'm not one for politics, but he's a damn idiot and I don't know how he's getting away with what he's doing. Uggghhh!

I have little news. Ex will be signing and sending back divorce papers soon. He's a bit worried that if we divorce he will lose any rights to his kids, despite my reassurances otherwise.

I am reading school reports and assessments and tearing my hair out over the workload. I need to read the Hunger games.

I had a gay date with Russ and we ate at the morrocan soup bar and drank red at Deco wine bar later. The food was amazing, the drinks were good and we had a great time. :)

Maybe in a while we can try to catch up again. Cheers.

suze2000 said...

If Tony is deposed, Hockey and that Matteus will have to go too. I trust none of them. The first two are clearly out of their depth and following an ideology without regards to its consequences. Corman, OTOH seems to know exactly what he's doing and I find this even scarier.

We bought a house. Don't ask how much it cost, I can't think about it. Now I'm freaking out about the contract details and packing and haven't had an unbroken night's sleep since the night before the auction, my heart is racing and I'm just a wreck. I am trying to stay calm by knitting, but my mind keeps making me panic.

I know we can afford it, it's all the other things around the process that are stressing me out. I'm actually considering going to the doctor to get valium, because I'm freaked out by my racing heart. But I survived the death of my father with only sleeping tablets, I should get through this.

I want to cry. I want my mum here to tell me it's going to be okay. I want this pain in my leg which I think is sciatica to stop. And my terror of it all is inducing an inertia that is worrying.

Breathe. I know I will live through this. Breathe.

Alex said...

I need to read the Hunger games.

They're short and simple Jo; you should be able to knock over all three in a weekend if you've got nothing else to do, or a week if you're just reading at night. Of course, it doesn't sound like you've got a lot of free time to throw around, so that might be a bonus.

What's a "gay date"?


Sorry to hear about your trials, Suze. I don't know if this will help you at all, but I can tell you what I do in those sorts of situations: I make a list (I'm a list person) of all the things I can, or need to do; I break all these down into the simplest tasks possible, and then work my way through them carefully and methodically, crossing them off as I go; and the whole time, I keep telling myself that worrying or obsessing helps absolutely nothing.

Agree on Corman, too.

phoenixmummy said...

Suze, even though I don't know you at all, I hope this stuff passes for you soon. It will pass, of that there is no doubt.

Alex, a gay date is a night out with my best guy friend who is gay. He can be quite affectionate and I'm always conscious that we look like a couple and that it may bother him, though it doesn't seem to and I should just focus on what we know, not what I think are everyone else's perceptions. I actually meant to delete that reference and in my tiredness, forgot. So, there you have it.

Alex said...

I'm glad you didn't delete it Jo, as I have now learned something.

And yes, other people's perceptions be damned.

phoenixmummy said...

Oh, thanks Alex. I wanted to delete it because I thought it might sound a bit derogatory to some people (you can never tell these days) but it's not meant to sound that way at all. Glad you didn't see it that way. :)

Melba said...

Alex, sorry about your ear. I know some people do something with warm oil, I've never. Also there's that candling thing, also I've never done that. I'm borderline deaf, no seriously, I think it was going to see bands in pubs when I was younger. I have tinnitus, have had for quite a few years now, but it's not too bad or I'm able to ignore it.

About the blog, I'll take you up on that. When I get a bit of time and maybe when we are both online? Thanks.

Sarah: I don't know what KGs are. Also google I am careful about linking all sorts of things to things. I'll check out stat counter. Finances, sheesh. All a bit hard sometimes. I am the sort to just not think about things. Hopefully I won't end up a baglady in the future but I can kind of see it.

Little Hat, thanks for checking in. From Malta. How exotic. I realise that if I ask questions at the end of my post, then people are more likely to respond. This is something I know other bloggers do, I've noticed it and it really works! But I just did want to know what people were doing, so thanks for telling me. Good luck with your writing, hope you get heaps done.

Jo Jo: yes Hunger Games is good, I second Alex's reco. I read that one really quickly, have to say I don't think I finished the second one. It lacked the compulsion, for me, of the first. Your night out sounds fun. Yes, I will email you, we will try to catch up again.

Suze: oh dear, I hope you're feeling a bit calmer than when you commented. Buying a house is big shit. I have to say I feel much clearer without being a property owner. It's not all it's cracked up to be, plus it's expensive with all the associated costs. I don't care about money, or stockpiling it, or accumulating assets. I like what it buys me in terms of smaller things, and travel though. Keep on knitting. My daughter is doing an art project and is doing knitting nancy for it, making 'veins' and 'arteries' in red and blue wool and she is finding it so relaxing and addictive. She sits in teh bath, with the knitting nancy over the side doing it. Alex's suggestion of a list is good, I'm a list person too. But valium... be careful? Hot baths are good, with bubbles. Hot water bottles. Reading. Sleeping. Massage. Candles. Nice smelling things. As Jo says, it will pass. These things pass. But hugs to you.

Have to go teach Year 6s now. Ciao.

Alex said...

Jo, I'm sure some people would find it derogatory. It seems like just about everything is offensive to somebody. I dunno how concerned you should be about it though. I'm sure I say shit that offends people all the time.

Melbs, I'm not getting anything more out of the ear, and the hearing is no better, so either the wax is rock solid or there's another problem. Since I'm already as good as blind without my specs, I dread the thought of going deaf on top of that.

I had automatically assumed KGs were "King Gees", but now I'm not so sure.

I don't think I finished the second one. It lacked the compulsion, for me, of the first

I was very impressed with the depiction of post-traumatic-stress that grew over the second book and dominates the third. It really struck a chord with me, and the penny finally dropped when I found out the author's dad was also a Vietnam vet. I feel like a lesser story would've had the characters turn into simple action heroes instead. Again, I suppose it's the things that're close to us that resonate the most, eh?

Melba said...

Mmm, maybe I should revisit. Maybe I expected too little of it?

Alex said...

In the 3rd volume, I thought there was a bit of a clash between the political themes / the compelling depiction of psychological decay, and some of the sci-fi elements which ended up looking silly and childish in comparison.

That's about the worst criticism I think I can level at it.

There's a lot of stuff in there about class, and abuse of power, and propaganda, and distraction, and ethics, that I would like to think might get young people engaged, or at least aware of those things in the real world.


I had a weird run-in with the check-out boy at the supermarket this evening. We were doing the usual polite smalltalk thing, and when I asked him what he'd done today, he said "Oh, I've been grieving over the latest episode of Game Of Thrones. I can't believe they killed off --" To which I blurted out "Shit! Don't Fuckin' tell me that, cunt!" And since I'm deaf in one ear, I think I might have yelled it, because the woman with the little kids waiting behind me gave such a scowl.

jennifer anderson said...

good thing he knew it was wrong!
since you asked I've been eating cinnamon raisin bagels.

Alex said...

Hey Melbs; finished OITNB2 last night. The ending was fantastic. I recommend getting through it ASAP! the last half dozen comments were just me re-watching the last 10 minutes and wondering why I loved it so much. Totally wrapped up, objectivity out the window, etc.

Will start GoT4 tonight. Will also start a thread for it.

Melba said...

Awesome will try to get to it, we have been busy with Life stuff, so annoying, and next weekend don't think we'll get there. Maybe a few nights this week. The main problem is daughter is making me watch Community. Maybe I'll watch Orange on my own tomorrow. Jo are you watching it?

Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the comment.

Alex said...

Bloody life.

Was Community on SBS recently? I think I might have a few episodes. Is it any good? Actually, don't tell me; what with GIRLS, Orange, and GoT, I feel like I've watched my share of telly recently.

Melba said...

Hah when I read you say 'actually don't tell me' I thought you were going to say 'cause your recommendations are shit' (eg GIRLS) BUT if you've had your fill, then don't worry. It's very silly and it's pure comedy but I like it. It's feel-good stuff.

Alex said...

Ha, no, not like that. I've loved two out of three of your recommendations, and that's a pretty good score, as far as I'm concerned.

But I'll skip this one without a second thought now. It's very very rare for me to dig a pure comedy. I usually need some sort of ongoing drama to keep me interested.

Melba said...

It aint got no ongoing drama at all. It's my laughter medicine at the moment.

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