Saturday, June 21, 2014

Apologies for being AWOL

My excuses:

- been really busy with teaching
- been really busy with daughter, in support mode for her school work, reading over assignments and she likes to debrief and tell me what she learned in history
- tonight is her Year 12 formal, so been busy with that as well. It's mental how out of control these girls get. It's a bit like a wedding. I shall be glad when it's over.
- have been really busy with the rewriting as well
- have been social, a lot of writery stuff on which is nice but I don't really like being so busy. I like to nest at home.
- this means I'm behind with Orange Is The New Black and Alex is waiting for me to catch up and discuss. Sorry Alex. We watched one last night, I hope to finish sooooon
- finished watching Game of Thrones, loved the season but haven't had time to discuss with Alex properly. SORRY!
- still struggling with being sick and it's getting really fucking boring going to the doctor and having tests all the time but I'm feeling better in some ways (the cough) and I had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy on Monday and the doctor said he could see a hernia and evidence of reflux. The reflux is no surprise - I've had that for years and was on the Nexium and then off and self-managing the last 12 months of so, GOD THIS IS BORING YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR THIS anyway I still have back pain but the other day I noticed something on my back YOU REALLY DON'T WANT TO, IT'S SO FREAKING DULL but I might get the GP to have a look at that. I'm booked for dermatologist for skin cancer check later in the year but maybe something's going on there. [SNORE]
- but my finger is ok (ie the meat-TB-whatever that was!)
- I have to go. I've baked an upside-down pear cake to take to the formal parent 'pre-drinks' and we are staying on for dinner which will be nice. But I'm really tired.



Alex said...

I don't mind hearing about the medical stuff. It reminds me that I should go find a new doctor, since my local closed down a year or two ago. What was that about the finger-TB-meat?

No hurry Melbs. But, in the meantime, if Jo or anyone else who's watched the new seasons of "Orange Is The New Black" or "Game Of Thrones" would like to avoid talking to me about them, they can do so by staying away from this page and this page.

Seriously but, take your time. Helping out your kids is far, far more important.

I was in line at the checkout the other day and there was a sheila in front of me talking the cashier's ear off,
"I'd like to see about getting my daughter a job here. She doesn't pay rent, she doesn't buy groceries, I'm sick of it."
"How old is she?"
"She's in grade twelve. All she wants to do is study. I keep telling her she's wasting her time. It's not like it's going to get her anywhere. I don't think she even has any friends. She certainly doesn't go out. I don't know what I'm going to do with her, but she'd better get her act into gear soon, because the free ride is coming to an end."
Behind me, a horrendously obese sheila with three horrendously obese youngsters was loading no less than thirty half-price 2L bottles of coke onto the checkout conveyor belt.

As for the formal thing, I dunno what's going on, but I suspect it might have something to do with reality TV muddling people's expectations of, well, reality. Some of the rubbish I saw when I was working on wedding videos probably turned me off marriage for good. I don't have a great memory of my formal, but I think we all probably just put on a nice frock, brushed our hair, and then after the dinner/dance, we went out to an empty paddock and drank cheap wine from warm goon bladders and cheap spirits from warm coke bottles, while the lads did circle work in their utes with AC/DC blaring. And you know what? I think I was pretty well happy with that.

*Sets down knitting needles and takes grumpy aunt Alex hat off.*

little hat said...

OMG Melba - there's too much going on there for one person. Are you sure you don't have a twin you're channeling as well.

The formals just seem to get wilder and wilder. My daughter is now 32 and I have a vague memory of a new red dress (second hand actually) and great expectations but she wasn't in a group that was into limos and before the before party and all that. Things can still be simple but there's a lot of pressure.
Enjoy it. My two are still my children but not in that way. My son just announced his engagement - he told me he was going to ask his girlfrien to be his bride. I nearly fell over. Kids of this generation seem to have flipped back to the 50s. He even asked her father for permission. Andrea and I just f***ing moved in for 10 years and then had babies. Got married in a registry office to secure the deal ( she has a crazy mother who she feared might try for custody if something went wrong. Crikey This is nore like a blog than a comment. Sorry. I'm in Malta alone and human contact via technology has been my lifeline. Anyway, get well enjoy the formal.

Alex said...

Kids of this generation seem to have flipped back to the 50s.

That almost sounds scary when you think about it for a while.

Crikey This is nore like a blog than a comment. Sorry.

Fret not. I'm here to make you look positively laconic by comparison.

jo_blue said...

No apologies needed. I don't mind hearing about the medical stuff either. Take your time, be good to yourself and take care of your family first - daughters with homework and formals definitely come first.

Alex, you did well not to slap sense into those people at the checkout. I was horrified when I read about the one with the daughter in Yr 12. No wonder some kids are messed up. I wish parents could see the impact of their actions.
At my Yr 12 formal, I didn't wear a frock - I wore an aqua and white jumpsuit - it looked nice - THEN, but it wouldn't cut it now.

As for OITNB, I have to acquire it on my son's laptop and transfer it over - we're up to season 2 right? Not into Game of Thrones, mainly because I don't watch tv that much and I'm not sure it's my kinda thing.

Hugs Melba. Thinking of you when you get checked out..


Alex said...

Jo, I sometimes wonder whether I go through life in a social strata packed full of fucked-up people, or if people are just fucked-up generally. The older I get, the further I lean towards the latter, I think.

I'd like to see that jumpsuit. Not necessarily pictures of you in it, but I'm having trouble imagining it.

The Orange thread isn't going anywhere, so jump in whenever you feel like. Or don't. All good. I'm not trying to apply pressure or anything. But yes, we're up to season 2 -- and it's really good! (Despite critical reports to the contrary)