Thursday, January 01, 2015


Well, it ended up being a really quiet one here. Watched some movies, going to bed now. Not a lot more to say other than I hope 2015 is good to everyone.



sarah toa said...

I also hope we are better to each other ...
Welcome to 2015, Melba! I was awake long enough to see the special kids fireworks at 9pm.

jo_blue said...

Same here...movies (bad ones) but the kids had fun together. I am so glad to see the arse end of 2014. On a happy note, woke up to see the new day in with a live stream of Queen and Adam Lambert from London. So good. Happy New Year Melba. xx

suze2000 said...

HNY to you too, and everyone else here. NYE for me turned out to be busy with guests. We did have to go inside to get warm, but came out and turns out we did have a spectacular view of the fireworks. I hope they continue to blast them of the city buildings - it looked great from ours and it does seem to be a good way to get more of the city to see them without necessarily coming into the CBD etc.

No resolutions - I don't do them. But A trip to a back surgeon does mean I need to lose weight so I guess that's one whether I like it or not. Not sure how I feel about that as my belief is that resolutions are just a way to set youself up to be disappointed in yourself. If you get my drift.