Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve funeral

Well it was the last thing I expected. Got a facebook message yesterday from Patrick. For long-time readers, with a good memory, they will know 'Patrick' was my first boyfriend and featured heavily in my Bad '80s Diaries, which I have since publishing here, put back into drafts so they aren't public anymore. At least I fucken hope not.

Patrick and I aren't facebook friends but somehow he can message me. I'm not sure how that works, as it didn't come with a friend request. Who the fuck knows. Anyway, he said his mum died and the funeral was this morning. Gave the address and time and I messaged back thanking him for letting me know. And said I'd be there.

So. I went. It was hard, not just because his mum was a lady I loved and a special person and so there were lots of tears, including Patrick struggling with his eulogy. And his daughter standing beside him, in tears. It was harrowing.

It was hard for all these reasons, but also because:

1. when I hugged Patrick I smeared my invisible zinc all over his pristine white shirt. Invisible zinc is not fucking invisible. So there was that.

2. When I said hello, by tapping on the shoulder, to P's sister's husband (who I think in the past sent me a bunch of flowers and anonymous romance card) I said hello and called him by the wrong name. His wife's name.

3. When I was leaving, after service, after car had driven away, but before light refreshments, I was doing my sunglasses-spectacle changeover, like a fuss-pot granny and dropped my specs on the ground and had to stop and get them, bum in air, in the middle of grieving friends and relatives.

So I'm home, after stopping at Danny Murphy's on the way. We are now stocked up with wine, vodka, champagne, apple cider and beer. I have to go and cook three chooks (and do stuffing) and make a trifle and cook rice for rice salad. And get tables and chairs out of garage and set up. And go down street one more time to get those things forgotten.

So to everyone, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Wonderful Everything.

Take it easy, take care. I'll be around.


sarah toa said...

Hi Sweet, funerals are full on events at the worst of times!
I hope you have a beautiful Christmas Day xxx

jo_blue said...

Hi Melba, I remember the diaries, they were fascinating I remember all that you went through with P and I'm so sorry about his mum dying. But you got through it, even though it was awful. Hugs to you and I do hope Christmas day made you happy.

Hugs and love Jo

Alex said...

I'll come back and comment properly when I'm not drowning in family.

In the mean time, happy 2015 to all yous down south. We're still about 20 mins away up here, and there's like 2 hrs to go over west.

Regardless, hope it's a good one everybody.