Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hey, I am back

Got back Sunday night, and promptly starting sneezing as soon as off the plane (swine flu? bird flu? Ebola? hayfever?) and then got my period the next day, so I'm in a fine old state. Jet lagged and bleeding and sniffling and sneezing but apart from all that, everything is very good.

The trip was amazing. We saw lots of art, lots of wonderful buildings, ate lots of cake in Vienna especially (but Cake of the Trip was in Berlin), caught some trains, walked and walked and walked, bought some stuff, walked some more.

The trip home was endless though it was a Qantas 380 and boy, what a sweet ride. I have turned into a plane nerd. I was watching the satellite thingy, and the plane-cam thingy as we were coming in to land in Melbourne. I could see lightning - forked - on the horizon beyond the airport, and it was like a movie being able to see the runway all lit up. Some people might think it would feed the anxiety (I have become a more anxious flyer as I've gotten older) but for me it helps.

I'll organise to get some photos up near but not too many I promise, cause that's fucking boring, seeing someone's travel shots. Just a small selection, promise.

So, how are you all? What's new? Tell me EVERYTHING.

Cake of the Trip
The waiter told me it had gooseberries and something to do
with egg so I googled it, and it's gooseberry sponge
with meringue cream. It was so so beautiful.
I am going to perfect the cooking of it and make it mine.


Melba said...

Oh that centre-justification is revolting but my blog won't let me put text under the photo if I insert at the end of a post. Oh well.

sarah toa said...

Tricky ey, that centre justification :~)

Hey it's wonderful news about your trip.
I've been up to lots of stuff but mainly writing and a bit of landscaping work. Oh, and handed in the ms to publisher yesterday. Got it the hell off my desk. Faark.

Alex said...

Welcome back.

Same old same old here. Spent another week out bush, but nothing much happened. Dunno if you heard, but we nor-easterners sent the Tories packing with the biggest voting swing in the history of Aussie politics. That was pretty much the high-point.

Looking at your code, I see the text under the photo is inside the table element that's used to position the image. Since I've seen you use bold and italics in comments, I know you understand the basics of how HTML tags work. What you need to do is go into "edit post", then go into the HTML view, then move that paragraph down underneath all the <table>bullshit.</table>

And I think a few travel pickies would be nice. So long as it's not just 100 photos of different types of cake. ...then again...

suze2000 said...

Welcome home. Things much the same here, but it's been a little hot! :)

jo_blue said...

Welcome back. Not much happening here but looking forward to the photos.