Saturday, February 28, 2015

the Cotswolds and surrounds

From top to bottom:

1. Gloucester Cathedral

2. The cathedral's vaulted interior of the cloisters, where Harry Potter scenes were shot

3. Flour mills on Avon River in Tewkesbury (I think)

4. Norman church with stocks in the garden, outside Tewkesbury

5. Milly Molly Mandy-style house in Prestbury, the village of Cheltenham where I was staying with my friend and her parents. Long story. I only found out on almost the last day about it being the most haunted village in England. I insisted we take the dogs for a ghost walk, hoping they would pick up on the weird feelings. Nothing happened.


Alex said...

Funny; as big and wonderful and impressive as all those big buildings are, it's the little pink cottage that I find the most fascinating. It looks like something my aunt would have made out of marzipan.

What was it like inside?

Melba said...

Me too in a way. But didn't go inside. It was a house, a real house on the street. One interesting thing I did learn, re thatched roofing. You know 4 poster beds, with canopies, and there's the idea that they are romantic and for posh people? Well, originally they were invented because all sorts of insect nasties used to fall through the thatched roofs while people were sleeping, so 'they' invented the canopy four-poster bed. Don't you love it? Insects... dropping on you while you sleep.

Alex said...

When I read your post the first time, I interpreted that cottage as being the one you stayed in, but you only stayed in the village where the cottage was.

I did not know that about the 4 poster bed, but having spent time in sheds, it makes nothing but sense to me. You'd think they'd just invent ceilings instead.

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