Monday, June 22, 2015

Long time no post

Fuck it's cold. I have been really busy with writing stuff and teaching stuff and life stuff. Haven't been able to keep up with blogging here or on my other one really. Things are MUCH better healthwise, I can't remember how much detail I went in to, but I think I mentioned 'toilet issues'? Of the constipation variety? Anyway it got worse worse worse, and I was in a lot of discomfort for like weeks, and then I caught myself thinking 'Stop the cycle' it would seem to improve then I'd slide back. Not good. Anyway I decided I was going to let my body heal, do what I could to help it. Also stopped stressing about making a decision about whether to persist with creams or to have a procedure. No hurry to decide. As it turned out, healing is happening/has happened, and I think I can avoid surgery. So that's good.

Everything else is cruising. We watched Game of Thrones. Bit disappointed with the season. Now we are watching Community and recapping old OITNB before watching the new ones. I have one more day of teaching - tomorrow - then am off for two weeks. Have lunch with my publisher on Wednesday - yay - and am deep back into my first manuscript, working on it, revising, and making it better.

So, what's your news?


sarah toa said...

Wicked. So it's all good then?
Just fucking cold. It is cold here too :)

Alex said...

When I was 20, I used and abused my digestive system, and nary gave it a second thought. Now it feels like having that big tube in good working order is a major fucking deal. I hope yours sorts itself out.

Aging, eh? Who needs it?

Actually, I've spent the last week or so dealing with age-related problems — though not my own for once — my brother's been having heart trouble. Comforting kiddies who are concerned about their dad is not a whole lot of fun.

Thankfully, I haven't had to put up with fucking cold weather on top of it all. It's been quite mild here.

Looking forward to reading your book. Will it be out as an ebook?

Melba said...

Yeah it's all good Sarah. Was great to have lunch yesterday with the woman who was on a high having published thw book that had just won the Miles Franklina of awards! Nice to finally meet her and eat a cheese souffle together! Oh jesus Alex, my fucking big tube, I've had reflux for years (but is all good now, have managed it, it's not a problem, and I got off the medication too!) but then it was the other end of the tube. It is ageing, and annoying, but that's the only annoying thing. The health stuff, but I'm determined to be as good to myself as possible, stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible, so I can keep working, writing, travelling and all that. YES the book will be an e-book, it's published 1 September, I'll let you know when it's available! Different to the one you read. More male. And 'exotic'.

Alex said...

More male & exotic? Full of exotic males, perhaps? Wooo, looking forward to it.

Sorry, I'm just in one of those moods. … But I'm still looking forward to it.

Hope you're staying healthy. How've thing's progressed since last week? Are you still doing yoga?

Alex said...

Hey Melbs, I know you're in book mode at the moment, but I presume you're still teaching sex-ed and that.

So, anyway, the latest "Science Vs …" podcast from ABC's Radio National was about the effects of pornography on the brain. It's too short to be in-depth, and, well, it's a bit shit actually, but I thought I'd point it out just in case there was something in it that might be useful to you.

Hope everything is going swimmingly at the moment.

Melba said...

Hey guys, I've been so slack. Not still doing yoga Alex. It seemed to be at the fulmination (or partly a reason) for my dehydration/constipation iss-ews. Plus we went OS and then came back into full-on teaching, Ali (P's dad) was here, being a cunt. I want to get back to it but at the moment (because of time) can only manage long walks most days and a swim once a week. (More like a soak in the spa with footballers.)

Thanks for the porn link as well. Hey looks like we are going to be on SBS, our company anyway. They are filming Wed, and my partner will probably be the talking head, but there's maybe another one coming up, so if you watch SBS 6.30 news and see our company name (I think you know it, we are one of the only sex ed bizzes in the, er, bizz) that's US!

Everything going well. Doing a huge book cull (strangely, mostly local titles, mostly female, mostly debut novels. Hmmmm) and tidy of the house. Just picked up three shopping bags of doo poo from the garden. Gotta get back to tidying. CIAO

Alex said...

Good to hear from you, even though you're busy. Hope the health issues, and ex-husband issues, are sorting themselves out.

I haven't had time to watch the news. Quite busy myself of late. But if you know what day it airs/aired, I can tape it / get it off the SBS website.

I wouldn't worry about the commonality of the books you're chucking — I'm sure yours will be a keeper.

That science podcast also had an episode on "the gay gene" if your interested, too.

Also, do you just do sex ed for younger people, or do you do / have stuff for older people who are questioning their orientation?