Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas

Just a quickie to say I hope everyone has a good one, and a safe, happy, healthy new year and 2016.
Things have been so busy, and I am neglecting this blog. I suppose it's because I've got other outlets.
But I still love this space, and love knowing it's here.
So, here's to you, and to blogs. Long may they reign.

PS What are you doing for Christmas, New Year? I will report back shortly.


Alex said...

What are you doing for Christmas, New Year?

SFA. Which suits me just fine. How about you?

Melba said...

Well just finished a long game of Risk (actually, not finished, but we have left it for tonight. And my territories were all wiped out by my daughter. She is a ferocious player). Before that it was two games of Cluedo (the boy won both) and before that... lunch at my sister's. Good food, bubbly drinks, but hot as fuck here.

New Year's? Nothing on the agenda.

So, yeah. A good day. And sounds like your quiet one was good for you, I'm glad.

Alex said...

It certainly was. Also looking forward to a quiet New Years', where I'm tucked up in bed well before midnight. Soon they're gonna be calling me Nanna Alex.

It's been raining here, so the weather has been pretty mild for summertime. Some nights have even been too cool for comfort.

Sounds like you are really knocking over the board games. Which ones are your favourites? I feel like I want to say we played more cards than board games when I was little (I can remember getting frustrated trying to learn 500). For some reason though, I have a strong nostalgic connection to Chinese checkers. Also got into video game mahjong back in the day, but dunno if I could even remember how to play properly now. So many memories fading and bluring. How is your chess feud with the boy doing?

suze2000 said...

A late happy Xmas to you and yours Melba.

Hubby and I had a lovely time, ended up not travelling to QLD because he was too stressed from the end of his work year and needed a rest. That, along with me working the last four days means (I hope) that he was happy to head off to work today (I was still in bed when he left). He doesn't like being idle for long periods of time.

I got a bike for Xmas. We've been exploring the Merri Creek trail a little since then and I hope to use it for outings on the weekend with a stop for breakfast/lunch in the middle.