Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Happy New Year

I have had a very quiet slow start to 2016 in terms of not teaching, and being socially in my cave. But my writing is going great guns. I'm getting my next thing ready to go to the publisher, as well as starting a brand new thing, which actually has been rattling around my brain (parts thereof, and characters) for about thirty years.

We didn't go away, but we've been doing driving lessons (P is 19 now and has just cracked 20 hours. We are pathetic.) We've been walking, an hour or more, at a fast pace, and this is good. Except the weather has been too hot recently to do anything but night walks and by the time the sun goes down I'm usually too tired, or not in the zone, to walk.

Clokes is back at work - he had two weeks off - the kids are in and out of the house. P's book shop job seems to have faltered. She went away and he said to get in touch when she got back and she did, and he said it's the quiet time but that he'll get in touch if he needs her. Sounds like a fob off to me. She said he was a difficult boss, was hyper critical and she's not used to feeling incompetent, and that his scrutiny and picking up tiny little things, while not seeing the larger successes she achieved, started to make her second-guess everything she was doing, and not enjoy it. It's interesting. I said that she will come across people who aren't smooth - for whatever reason - in life. I told her I was glad the difficulty with him was of this type, rather than him being an outright bully (but it did sound to me it could have devolved to that) or a sexual harasser. She was learning processes and it was a steep learning curve, she felt he didn't see the good and only saw the bad, of which there was little. Any mistakes she made were either small, or rectified, and were not numerous. This is life.

She's also gone off in a bit of a tangent regarding her uni studies. Started talking about wanting to do medicine towards the end of last year. Because of the challenge, but also because she would be interested in the work. Medicine! This is the first time she's EVER talked about it, so I was wary but didn't appear to be so. Was encouraging, but pragmatic. So she's decided - after trying to see whether she can get the subjects needed (ie prerequisites to apply for medicine) within her Arts course (crazy) and she could have if she'd realised this last year, but now she's going into second year, it's not possible, without serious overloading and serious cost, that isn't covered by HECS. So yesterday she decided to do a chemistry subject and see how it feels/goes. It will be out of her comfort zone for sure. (She did biology and maths last year, in her IB course, but hasn't done chemistry since probably early secondary school, and never as a subject on its own but just as a part of Science.) So. Interesting. I told her that if she finishes Arts and then finds she still is thinking about Medicine, then to consider having a break, working somewhere, then if she still wants to, do a Science degree. But I do really think she will just stick to the Arts. Who knows... I remember also not knowing at that age.

Haven't played chess for quite a while. We have watched some stuff on television, including The Quest (loved it! Yes, it's cheesy, and a weird kind of format but once you get used to it, the payoff in the last episode is magnificent!)

Just had a phone call from Channel Nine about a documentary on sex ed later in the year. We had a preliminary chat and I said YES to the suggestion we appear on the program. She emphasised it's not a crappy Today Tonight program, which was going to be one of my questions. LOL. So that would be great exposure.

I think that's it. Have to get onto some sex ed work now... we are writing an article for an education magazine and I've been putting off looking at what my partner has drafted. Also we are developing our programs for a new school this year that will run sessions from Prep to Year 6 (Not sure if I've mentioned this.) So I have to put my primary school teacher hat on, and think of activities for little ones. Will be fun. Pin the vulva on the donkey? Hahaha. Oh. That's given me an idea for how to use the outlines you did for us Alex. Awesome.

Bye for now. What's your news? What are you reading? Suze, you did ask about my book but I don't have your email. If you want to email me at and I'll give you the info!


Alex said...

Will you let us know when the doco is gonna be on?

Also looking forward to the next book. Glad to hear that's going as well as it is.

Sounds like there's a lot going on with ρ at the moment. I remember really liking chemistry, but I doubt it's for everyone. And I dunno whether I'd wanna study a subject I wasn't interested in just "for the challenge". What is she studying at the moment? You said arts, but, like, well, what does that actually entail?

Also, the thing with the picky/unpleasant boss; it's probably for the best that she gets exposed to that early on. There's a lot of them out there.

suze2000 said...

Man I'm crap at responding. Had a good new year. Marriage mostly back of track except for moments of shittiness from husband making me think I should leave anyway.

I did have a massive crash on my new bike that I'm still recovering from. Pretty sure I chipped my elbow and have two massive contusions on my legs hard knotted bruises three weeks later. Possibly I should have gone to the doctor...

Hubby and I went to Bendigo intending to buy yarn and ended up at the Great Stupa of Universal Compassion. Well worth the trip - who knew something like this was being built here in Victoria?

squib said...

Suze, what's the Stupa made from? Is it concrete?

If I had my time again, I'd go back and do the maths and do a science degree. Though I sometimes wonder if the mathematical part of my brain is Teflon because numbers just don't seem to stick. In fact, I'm bad with numbers, names, faces, music, sport, and word pronounciation

My oldest has had some super crappy jobs, including the zero hours bullshit where her boss would ring when she was halfway to work and say, 'We're not so busy, don't come in', or selling cupcakes in the midde of a shopping mall (nobody wanted to buy them but she was expected to sell a ridiculous number of them). Right now, she's doing a caring job (bathing old people and the like) but it's very piecemeal with a lot of transport time and doesn't pay well

suze2000 said...

Squib, the Stupa is interesting - they are saying it's been engineered to stand for a thousand years, but I'm not convinced. It appears to be concrete from the outside, and maybe the outer walls are - concrete reinforced with steel. But the inner walls and supporting columns appear to be mostly steel beams surrounded by plasterboard! I'm unsure that's a supporting structure that will last for 1000 years. I'm not an engineer, but I wouldn't put iron inside anything I wanted to last that long, because it rusts. Anyhoo, I'm not an engineer. It's an amazing structure and at the end of the tour I wanted to lob money at them to help them finish it, because it's taken 16 years to get this far and I want to see it finished in my lifetime. They are of course saying it will be finished when it's finished, but I'm sure you can't be zen about that all the time. :P

squib said...

I would say 1000 years, pretty unlikely then, Suze. Wish we had a time machine so we could see if we are right!