Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Well hello hello

Just had a minor freak out because I couldn't seem to find my dashboard to create a new post. I thought everything had changed and been locked down. But here we are. Turns out I hadn't signed in properly.

I swear, sometimes it all seems a little too hard.

I'm feeling the pressure of not keeping up with the blogs I want to, and I KNOW I owe Alex reading and comments.


Things are otherwise good, apart from this online stuff. I look at facebook too often, and twitter as well. Things have changed a lot in terms of those compulsions and I'm not sure what to think about that, or what to do about that, if anything.


Just came back from dinner with a good buddy but the poor thing, I feel whenever we are together I just dump a whole lot of negative shit on to her. Much like I'm doing here.


The seasons have turned here in Melbourne. The weather is still gorgeous but once daylight savings ends there an instant change in vibe.


I've decided to try to go to Russia and elsewhere north of the world in 2017, probably December, January, February, maybe March if I can swing it workwise (teaching that is). I want to hunker down somewhere cheap (!!) for a couple of months and write in there, as well as seeing northern lights, snow stuff and all things Russian. Whether this happens or not, we shall see.


I'm feeling very sigh'y tonight. I think perhaps it's best I go to bed and read. That always makes things good, not that they aren't goo. They're just sigh'y.


Oh but Game of Thrones is coming this month. Also the new GIRLS has started, and I love it. And I'm [trying] to read more Indian literature and non-fiction this year and it started badly because Salman Rushdie almost killed me with his masterpiece Midnight's Children. It's amazing but boy is it hard.

I think that's it for now. I really want to try and get on here a little more often, but clearly I am off to a shithouse start with that.

Am heading to Alex's now, to check in... Still want to read her Hilary post.


Alex said...

Didn't quite make it, 'ay? That's alright.

I think I'd like to go to Russia ... if I spoke Russian and wasn't such a poonce when it comes to the cold (I swear I'm getting worse as I get older). Mainly, I'd just like to listen to some every-day Russian views on life and the world.

Also happy you didn't lock yourself out of your account.

squib said...

I would love to hunker down somewhere. It's difficult to really immerse myself in my writing with people in my face. Yes, and I can't help thinking it would be different if I was a man. It would be good to be truly free for a couple of months. Even a couple of weeks

elaine said...

I read 'A Suitable Boy' a few years back (speaking of large novels) and loved it. I was travelling and its length was easily consumed during plane and bus trips. I don't read so much these days because I've been prioritising craft over reading. And haven't been travelling.

The idea of hunkering down in a shack and doing creative work is SO. APPEALING.

suze2000 said...

That is a very sigh-y post.

Hubby is going to North America to work for three months, so I'll have an excuse to hunker down and work on my projects. Without him here, I generally just sit on the sofa and do craft. (must buy that craft chair so I can do it with a more comfortable posture).

I read A Suitable Boy 20 years ago, and knew next to nothing at the time about Indian culture. I had to keep going to work and asking one of my coworkers about what I'd read (these days, it would be so much easier, I would just google Diwali etc). To be honest I found it a bit of a slog, I don't think I'd ever read it again, despite its satisfying ending. I too have been prioritising craft over reading, but with audiobooks I can do both! It's very satisfying to read while crocheting.

I have lost days on FB, but try hard to check back here at least once per week. My FB feed has mostly devolved into news stories (three versions of everything: The Age, ABC, and The Guardian - I should cut something out of there, to reduce the repetition, probably the Guardian, because all its articles are too long for my painfully short attention span these days.)

jo_blue said...

hello old friend,
I've just tapped into my old blog and found you'd done a post a few months back, so thought I'd say hi. I love reading this blog, about your life. I read your other one sometimes, out of my league...I don't read, or very seldom now, as I always think I have other things that are more important. I'm glad life is good for you, even if it's a ittle sigh-y.

Instagram gets my attention these day and twitter too. I'm getting sick of fb and have contemplated leaving it more than once.

REmember ex? he is here at the moment, visiting the kids, sleeping on the floor in the lounge while I am attempting to just get on with my life and keep out of their way. Hmmmmff! I've decided I don't like it, it messes with my head more and more every time when I thought it would get better. it's not! Anyway...such is life when we make decisions that we think will please other people! Hope all is well.