Monday, December 08, 2008

feeling sad about richard marsland

i'll miss his lovely voice. a funny guy. and his nicholas cage impersonations - so clever.

it's really sad.

* i edited the above to make it clearer about the nic cage reference.

still sad.


Little Miss Scatterbrain said...

R.I.P mate, i was devastated when i found out.

what was the cause?

Pepsi said...

I saw the news and thought - who the hell is this guy?

Then I was told he was the Sam Pang of Commercial Breakfast radio and went oh, okay.

Killed himself.

Thats sad for the family.

Perseus said...

Nicholas Cage? What?

Melba said...

Sorry the Nic Cage reference was that Richard Marsland would pretend to be Cage, and call up, and he did a fantastic impersonation.

For a taste, go here:

There are some podcast bits including a couple of the Nic Cage ones.