Tuesday, December 02, 2008

time for some serious blogging

ok, after the fripperies of oysters, and the intensity of running cinema 101 for an ill child (back at school today) i need to talk to you about something very important.
so... lean close. in a nice, intimate huddle. ok.
this is for the girls only, so boys you can go and have a wank or whatever it is you do when girls talk about shoes. play some warcraft, or go on twitter and tell the world all about nothing.
today is a shoe post.
for, on the weekend, in one of the newspaper magazines, i saw an advertisement for these:
and the information that there is a limited release on now. i have been looking for these fucking clogs for years. when i say years, i mean years. i mean like 8 or so??
oh sure, i found some pretenders in that shoe shop in sorrento-darling, and i was so excited i got two pairs, white and red. and then they fell apart. the studs started coming out of the leather, detaching from the sole, within about 3 wears. plus they killed my feet.
now, i know the pain just goes with new shoes for me. i swear, even runners can rub. it's just my feet. or heels to be more precise. i think i have pretty feet, they are nice and small and cute. but they don't like shoes. i know i've talked on here before about how i would like to wear thongs and ugg boots for the rest of my life. but i would throw these clogs in the mix. i just like them.
so, today sees me driving off on a mission, to get these clogs. i want the white pair. and maybe the black pair. because who knows, it might be years before they are in the shops again.
these are the real deal. not those faux ones with the soft, plasticcy sole, or the suede'y top part.
the real deal.
and to finish my sermon, i leave you with this little delight. yes, i have shared this one before. but it needs to be shared again.


Little Miss Scatterbrain said...

you go girl! if they aren't gunna be back in stock for a while, get them in different colours.

I hate heels, flats FTW.

I'm not Craig said...

We boys get to do that while girls are talking about shoes?

Why has no-one ever told me this?

BEVIS said...

*not listening*

Are you nearly finished?

Because I am ...

Melba said...

ok, i'm back sorry it took a while. got two pairs, black and white. and as suspected, they hurt my feet. might need to get some of that spray that softens leather.

very happy with myself though.