Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm sorry, it's just not. Each week it gets less and less funny. The first episode had some amusing bits. Then it progressively got more and more unfunny.

So many things in life are funny. Not this. Oh my god. Why can't my husband see it?

He thinks Phil is the most HIGH-LARIOUS dude ever. He's not, he's so annoying I want to kill him. And his stupid freaking wife. And his three horrible children.

The only people who are sometimes okay are the gay couple and Manny. I do like Manny but his character is getting tired.

Last week's episode I did not crack a smile.

Life is too short.


suze2000 said...

Thankfully, my husband hated this show as much as I do.

Melba said...

I don't understand why it's been called the wonderful new comedy.

Maybe they mean it's funny for the lowest common denominator and you and your husband and me are too sophisticated? That must be it.

Anonymous said...

It is much much better than "Australia's favourite comedy" Two and a Half Men....

It's not hillarious, but I think it is a significant improvement on recent relationship comedies.

Melba said...

I haven't watched Two and a Half because... I'm sure it's crap. And sexist. And ridiculous.

What you're saying is something like: "well, you just got raped, so be glad they didn't kill you as well."

(You know what I mean?)

It's like saying: "Well, luckily they only had to pump your stomach, but you're ok now. No brain damage."


Comparing something woeful to something more woeful is not a valid argument in my book. Sorry to be so feisty about it, I'm on my second glass o' wine.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love feisty.

I guess my position is that not everyone is into the same stuff, but some stuff is ridiculous or worse, completely offensive... and some stuff is a bit better than that but readily assessable to a lot more people.

I think it is an improvement on what a lot of people who watch commercial tv think is funny, and that is a good thing. Is that totally patronising to the general public?

Maybe I’m just defensive since I did laugh (and even retell) a joke from the ad... “I’m down with the kids, I get net speak, lol: laugh out loud, wtf: why the face?”

Melba said...

Alright I give you that. There were a couple of things that Phil said in the first few eps that were funny, like that one. But then his character just got stuck as did his wife's. I don't mind the gay couple, and like I said Manny is ok.

And yes, it would be better than the other stuff on free to air I guess. But it's still not saying much is what I'm saying.

Controlling the masses with predictable cooking shows (we watched MChef, loved it) and the opiate of non-cutting edge humour? Maybe.

Melba said...

Okay I've watched about three more eps of this show. It's PHIL and his stupido wife and horrendous family (apart from the little boy -harmless and dull) who are UNFUNNY and ANNOYING.

I hate Phil more than I think I've hated anyone - fictional or real.