Friday, July 09, 2010

sweet nostalgia

So recently I've been showing Princess some movies, and today I sat her down and showed her a few music videos. She was trying to understand the difference between sharpies, skins, punks, goths, etc.

I explained about the New Romantics of the '80s, and we agreed Emos must have evolved out of Goths.

I showed her ska music, which I was into in 1982 and 1983. Madness, oh how we loved them.

Then I was showing her some Beatles music and this one I just love. The pipers make me cry.

Happy weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

I *heart* that song so hard. I think that just makes me old. But hey.

Esz said...

Oh hey a woman at my work recently wrote and published (herself) a book on her Sharpie childhood here in Melbourne. The book is called Rage and was or is soon to be released. Can't wait to read it as that kind of thing is so fascinating. Wonder if you'd be interested in it too?
I can find out where it's available :-D

Melba said...

I think I've read about that book Esz. Would like to know where I can find out. There's some great stuff/pics on the internet of all those days, and Greg Macainish from Skyhooks made a movie - Skins 'n Sharps and there's a snippet online. Fabulous stuff.