Saturday, November 13, 2010


Not liking the rain, my darlings.

Just read in the paper that if it's raining, it must be a Saturday in Melbourne. Yes. At least I managed to get on the trampoline in the backyard yesterday for half an hour of (blazing) sun to try and top up the old Turkish Tan.

Am going out for arvo tea in Prahran with a friend shortly (D from the diaramas) and I'm going to have to wear closed-toe shoes. Fuck.

Last night had date night with Clokes, and we DID walk and I DID wear my new shoes god they are beautiful. We shared a prosciutto pizza (small) and had a steak each. For a small, unpretentious, innocuous place in East St Kilda, the chef sure knows how to cook a steak. My med-rare was exactly that. They could do something about their dessert menu, though. 'Orrible tartufo (from a box) and baci (ditto) and chocolate mousse that they tip into a martini glass behind the bar. Oh sweet jesus.

So I've finished Rose Tremain's The Way I Found Her. You know when you are finishing a novel and the final pages you don't want to read quickly, you want to draw it out and enjoy? Once I'd done that, and stretched the final pages, to the sweet end, ohmyfuckinggod it is so good.

I'm trying to make a list of writerly things, it's so boring and pretentious to go into detail here, I never wanted this blog to be a writer blog, so I shant let it now, BUT I just want to say doing all this other stuff is far harder than writing the thing in the first place. Enough said but it's doing my head in.

Oh an remember I wrote a while back about a few books I had to read, and was reading, and had read, well one of them was Jon Bauer's Rocks in the Belly, which is doing good things and has received some really good reviews. At the time I blogged that I had bought it and was going to read it, I got an email from him to my yahoo address. It was a little funny, that writers google themselves like that. But I've since done some stalking and the guy is funny, unpretentious and down-to-earth so not at all up himself. He's a bit of a spunk too, which doesn't hurt in addition to being a quality writer.

So, in much the same way that years ago I could summon Andrew Landeryou to my blog with a single tap of the keys (Andy, you rascally old self-googler you), Jon if you do venture this way again and haven't read that I loved your book, well I did. And good luck for whatever comes next, though from what I read online you are on you way and don't need luck.

To finish. I am hoping the cafe in Prahran has some nice cake, preferably with some cream in it.

Happy wet Saturday you Melbourne people, and anyone from elsewhere with sunshine, well stuff you, you smug bastard!


suze2000 said...

I'm on night shift this weekend and the rain makes it good for sleeping, so I'm not complaining. Especially since I struggled so much in the heat of the day before.

jo_blue said...

Glad to hear your dinner was nice and you got to wear your very lovely shoes.

Well, we get hot mornings here, tempered by a cool thunderstorm in the afternoon, almost every single day. With all the heat and rain, the humidity is a killer. Am looking forward to the cool/cold Melbourne weather. I want to stand in the cold rain and soak it all up - then run inside and sit down with a nice hot coffee - and cake would be good too. Enjoy your cake and coffee.

Melba said...

Mmm rain is good when you're in bed and it's toasty under the covers. I've worked out I really just hate it when I get my toes wet, and my face. So if my toes are dry and I have an umbrella all is cool.

Hi Jo. Coffee and cake was delish. Plus a glass of pinot grigio. Home again now just about to dine on fettucine marinara with fresh seafood from Prahran Market. Yum.

Pepsi said...

Stinkin hot and sweaty and sunny in Sydney today - some cool rain would be lovely, some cool weather without the rain would be even better.

The shoes looked like they would hurt.

Glad you got your cake.

yublocka said...

I know I could google this, but I'm lazy. I'm also fairly new to the area and wondering where exactly is St Kilda East versus plain ole St Kilda? Enquiring minds and all that...