Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It's a gorgois day out there so may get onto the tramp for a sun sesh HOWEVER in the meantime I have jobs to do, including right now demolishing poached eggs on toast and scanning the papers and drinking coffee. My new way with the coffee (because before I was having a large latte, and it's really alot of milk) is to make it as normal, then put hot water in (using another protrusion on the machine) and then put a shot of hot milk in. It means more cleaning up but tastes good...

I have a card from the PO, looks like it might be one of Ali's carpets. Not sure though.

Have to call the piano tuner again and tell him I need the thing tuned before December. He's a funny thing, very 'mad-musician' - all shambling and vague.

My mobile plan has finished. Does that mean that they automatically adjust the monthly payments to account for the fact I have paid off the handset? No. Apparently I have to tell them. Bastards. They are all bastards. So which phone should I get next? Princess needs a new phone and 'everyone' at her school has iPhones. I've told her she is not getting one and I don't care how outre it will be to not have an iPhone. I've come to hate Apple; they have made all their products so fucking desirable that The People just need to have mac computers and iPhones and iPads. Why do normal people need a fucking mackintosh computer? It's so fucking stupid.

That's about it. At home today oh yay. Will be a bit writerly, just have to get my mind off all the static, including a conversation about sessual relations with animals on another blog. (I've borrowed that term from another blogger, I don't want sick fucks turning up here looking for dog p*rn.)

Speaking about porn, I'm reading Gail Dines' book Pornland. It's about the sexualisation of society and the mainstreaming of porn and how porn on the Internet is becoming more and more hardcore and 'gonzo' (she calls it) and the effects of all of this on us, especially young people who learn about sex on the Internet by watching porn. It's interesting, it's sordid, it's highly academic and my kids think it's a scream that I'm reading something about porn. I tell them it's for work.

Peace out.


suze2000 said...

I agree with your comments about Apple, though I fully intend for an iPhone to be my next phone.

If you want something else I'd look at the Android phones from HTC.

Melba said...

Thanks Suze. I am never going to have an iPhone simply because they are so desired and so everywhere. My husband has an HTC I think, I don't like the big screens. Also everywhere at the mo.

I'm going to stick with my phone, but yesterday I upgraded my plan and got Princess a Blackberry. I know, I know. Ridiculous huh? But there's no Internet, and she was a bit annoyed by that. I don't want her connected 24/7. It's mental.