Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Not liking

Just a quickie cause I'm busy busy busy with other stuff.

1. Hating the maxi dress at the moment. It's a horrible fashion item and I wish it would go away soon. I mean, come on. Two summers?

2. Really don't like the square (or oblong) dinner plate. It's also too horrible for words.

3. Loving left-over rice panfried with diced red capsicum, mushrooms, spring onions and those cute little grape tomatoes. Then crumbled feta over that. Mmmm.

4. Loving a day to myself. I am lucky enough to get two of these per week (in addition to the weekend.) Yes I know. I'm a bit smug about it.

5. Loving Rose Tremain. Am now reading The Way I Found Her. Adored The Road Home. Brilliant writing and characters.

6. Unimpressed by the print media coverage of the Big Race. Talk about bad losers. All the sneaky adjectives attached to the winning horse implying (not really implying, stating) the cup was stolen, snatched, grabbed. And the xenophobic sub-text of previous "foreign" winners also stealing the cup from its rightful owners, Australia. Come the fuck on. Is it not an international race? Attracting international entries? It's things like that which prove we are still just so green and unformed. Embarrassing. But some pretty classy fashione pics in the paper as well, so nice to see that. (Not looking at you Brynne, but you're okay baby. It's your hubby that I'm worried about now, especially his lack of humour. One Dame Edna Everage handled badly.)

7. Unimpressed also with Bronwyn Pike's gaffe. Come on woman.

8. Loving the series of Lost. Have introduced Princess to it, and have created a monster. Clokes and I watched several seasons a few years ago then caught up to the telly. Will watch to the end now. Oh yay.

9. Uninterested by the Neighbours-for-groan-ups, and this week's "shock horror death." Meh, who cares? Have never watched the show but I'm sure I'm right in thinking it's a piece of crapola.

10. Slightly anxious about what I'm sure is on the horizon conversation-wise with Princess. She has been talking about drugs a bit lately, and has (over the years) shifted her knowledge and attitude from one of thinking drug takers are rare, and the scary people you see on the streets, dishevelled, dirty and crazed (we lived in St Kilda for a major part of her formative years) to now knowing that it's a lot more common and there are different types of drugs and a lot of young people try them as part of their growing up development.

She's not yet asked me if I've ever taken them, I must be prepared and I'm not sure what to say. I have to be prepared, for I will not lie, but I don't want to condone them either. And reading in the paper today that alcohol comes in 1st at 77/100 and heroin 2nd at 55/100 (or something) on a list of most harmful drugs is a worry as well. What do you do with that?


Esz said...

hmm interesting last topic there. Being a bit of an ex-partier myself and proud of my years in that scene too - I could recommend - a community based around harm minimasation and education. Lots of good resources there and not just the misinformation the government spins.

Also coming from parents that never condoned what I used to get up to but they always told me as a kid that if I wanted to try anything or learn about anything just ASK. So I was okay talking about it with them even though my dad couldn't get his head around why I wanted to get off my head hahaha.

So education is key - at least in my personal experience :-D
If that helps some!

Anonymous said...

Nicely put on all topics actually. I have to completely agree with you about the horse racing coverage. Why do we have to do that? As you stated it is an international race so why be sore losers. Australia likes to hide behind this visage of being a diverse and multicultural community and although this may be technically true it is far from what the majority seem to really think.

suze2000 said...

I can't see that alcohol stat as being real. Alcohol is far more commonly consumed and in (often) far greater doses than the average illicit drug, so that skews the statistics in favour of everything else.

I also have a sister who's a speed addict and a father who was an alcoholic, and I can tell you from experience that the speed has far more "social" repercussions than the alcohol ever did.

magical_m said...

Hello! Sorry I haven't been around much. But I'm all caught up now.

Re #1 - I agree. The only reason to wear a maxi dress is when your legs need a wax and you have to pop down the shops on a hot day for some milk. That's all I have one for anyway.

I'm going to try #3. Sounds yum.

#6. Love that the French won the Cup. Love love love it. Maybe next year all the French women will come over and show all the Brynne whatsherfaces, chavs, wags and d-list celebs how to dress elegantly.

Oh and what is #9? Is it that Rafters show? Awful show. Never seen it. The writing is appalling.

I think that's enough from me. Coffee soon?


I'm not Craig said...

Okay, here we go...

1. Not sure what the maxi dress is. Would probably look hot on my wife.

2. Yep

3-4 Jealousy

5. So I should read stuff like that instead of Twilight, probably

6. I did a course with Brynne's hubby a while ago. He was funny back then. I didn't know he had stopped, but I have avoided everything horse related for a while now so I have probably missed something.

7. Yeah. What was up with that, exactly?

8. I tried to watch Lost, I really did, but I just got sick of watching them get their asses kicked by the Others. Possibly this changes in later seasons.

9. I tried watching Rafters too, but I have decided that the problem is that it just seems like watching a bunch of people acting, rather than watching a bunch of characters actually doing stuff.

10. Years of hanging out in police cells taught me that the worst drug in the world is not heroin, speed, alcohol or grass. It's paint. Seriously, my paint sniffing clients did the most damage to their brains in the shortest time possible.

As for what to say to Princess, I'm sure she's smart enough to figure out that just because you tried something, she doesn't have to do the same.

My mother once told me she joined the Country Party when she was a teenager, but there was no risk that I might rush out and try that.

Melba said...

Oooh look, comments!

I feel reassured about the drug thing, thanks. Also about the alcohol thing; thanks INC for your paint info. Sheesh.

I would like to clarify though that I've never watched even a skerrick of an episode of the Rafters so I probably can't comment. It's just intuition that makes me think it's crap - and the fact that it's so popular. That means alot when the hoardes love something, doesn't it?

Coffee m_m. Would love. I'll try and find your email address.