Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Body punishing

Gail Dines, anti-porn crusader, describes gonzo porn as body punishing. I just got back from something body punishing:

trying on bathers.

I swear, I know every woman hates it but I tried on about thirty pairs and the second last one, was the winner. I've got a bad shoulder so that made it even harder, PLUS the girl in the store had the heating cranked up. By the time I finished I had to just come home and recover.

But I have new bathers and I'm pretty happy with them.


And a question: who says that I have to have an online presence if I want to be a published author? Oh, the publishers? I'm sorry, but I won't be tweeting for nobody.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I'd equate it to being roughly sodomized, but I believe I know where you're coming from on the togs thing. Then again, I hate trying anything on in stores, so maybe not.

who says that I have to have an online presence if I want to be a published author? Oh, the publishers? I'm sorry, but I won't be tweeting for nobody.

It strikes me that this is probably short enough that you could actually make it your first tweet. Good on you for sticking to your guns though. Jumping on fad bandwagons probably makes good marketing sense but I imagine it'd get awfully tiresome if it's not something you're into.

Also, you can have a perfectly workable online presence that doesn't involve "micro-blogging".

Also, I find thinking about "micro-blogging" like having a thorn in my brain.

MG said...

You're right it's probably not as bad as being roughly sodomised, but yep. It's bad. And tweeting, I really won't. Ever. To start with I can't be that brief, and I don't want to be.

Anonymous said...

What really aggravates my brain is that if you have a regular blog, you can be as wordy or as brief as is suitable. If you want to ramble, you can. If you want to post short comments, you can. All a micro-blog seems to do is give you fewer options. What am I missing?

And here's a thought: I wonder why a million billion movie montages make trying shit on look like it's a wonderful way to spend a day? Where the hell did that idea come from?

MG said...

I think twitter is for people who want to connect, promote and create a profile but either can't be fucked keeping a blog, don't want to have the option of writing longer stuff, who DO have a blog and are wanting to PfuckingS all the time, or. Or.

I don't know. I'm not saying twitter is totally bad, I'm just saying it's not for me. I think also it's so instant, you can do it with your phone and you can tell the world each and every little move. Now I know I am someone who overshares, but even I think twitter is too much.

Your question about the movie montages? The answer: they are all in the commercialisation racket together. Buy buy buy. Diet diet diet. Fuck fuck fuck. Earn earn earn. Eat eat eat. That's all life is.

Anonymous said...

Melba, remember when we were talking about sex-ed in schools and you were saying how parents often aren't aware of what modern day porn is like?

Well, I thought I might pass on this link I got sent to me. It's a 30min sex scene featuring everything that's wrong with the direction that main-stream pornography is headed. I don't know if you'd be able to use it as a demonstrative aide or something, but there's a download link under the video, if you want it. Good luck even sitting through it.

MG said...

Thanks Alex, I'll check it out.

MG said...

Well, that didn't take long. I'm not going to sit through that right now. It's disturbing.

How easy would it be to find that stuff? Is it a well-known site? what would be the search terms to find it.

Other readers - the link Alex provided is to my mind beyond hardcore, or it's the new hardcore. It shows sexual violence and body punishing real sex. So this is a warning.

Anonymous said...

Google indexes all these videos now, so it doesn't take more than a Google Video search. It's hard to talk about what searches produce what results these days, since search engines actively shape results differently for every user; but a Google Video search for "Cody Lane" gives me that one at number 3. Search for "hardcore fucking" and you'll probably get another dozen very similar.

MG said...

So if you didn't know Cody Lane (and I'm presuming she specialises in these types of scenes) how likely would it be to stumble across this type of stuff? Some pro-porn people (not the correct expression; more people who are anti the anti-porn people) say you have to look pretty hard and long to find the extreme stuff (ie if you don't have the search term; I guess they mean by browsing.)

Anonymous said...

If you take a look at, you'll see that Cody Lane has appeared in over a hundred titles in four years. From the looks of things, I wouldn't guess that she so much "specialises" in these types of scenes; more like, since the center of the industry is gravitating in that direction, a lot of actresses are simply incorporating this stuff into what they do. For instance, I believe that until recently, Sasha Grey was considered by many to be the biggest name in the industry, and some of her work was not far off this.

This particular video is probably as bad as anything I've seen (outside the extreme), but again, a Google Video search (with safe-search turned off, of course) that includes "hard" or "rough" combined with "sex", "fuck" or "fucking" should have you watching something close in no time at all. Even faster if you also include the word "gang"

Despite the fact that I wish this stuff didn't exist, I still wouldn't consider myself any sort of anti-porn person. I'm more a "pro-education" & "parents should know what their kids are looking at" person.