Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Streets of Sadness

Googling around, trying to find a William Blake reference and came across this project:

Streets of Sadness at

They are wanting people to buy homeless and other begging people's 'signs' - you know the bits of cardboard (usually) that people write on to ask for help.

I'm undecided what I think about this, but am leaning towards 'nice one.' I don't give to people on the street, and tell them that when they approach me. It's pretty harsh but I got stung once and it made me angry. It really shouldn't be about me, though, should it? It's about giving and sharing, and making things a little easier for other people, even if that means making it a little easier for them to buy booze, cigs or dope I guess.

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Alex said...

I fully support your decision to not give money to people on the street; and if you're any sort of regular donor or volunteer, I don't think you should feel guilty in any way, either. Especially if you're involved enough in something that you feel it's making some sort of difference (and not just to the weight of your conscience).