Friday, August 26, 2011

I want to be like Maggie

Look at her, isn't she darling? Do you think if I start now, I can be more like her when I'm her age? I'm not talking about her cooking, her tv appearances. I'm talking about her smile, her kindness, her humanity.

I want my grandkids to have a grandmother like MB. That requires me becoming like MB (unless the other side of the family has a MB and then I'll just have to be a better type of Maggie.)

Is there are shop where you can buy these ingredients?

(And I'm being 100% serious, apart from the last sentence. I really do want to be nice like Maggie Beer.)


Anonymous said...

I don't know who Maggie Beer is, but I fully understand the desire to be a nicer, better person.

I would, however, warn against idolising specific individuals too much. To paraphrase an old Conan comic: "You can't take another [wo]man's essence. Borrow it, learn from it, and use it to shape your own."

Besides, if you find out down the track that she's secretly a racist or something, you're going to be horribly disappointed.

MG said...

I don't idolise her I'm just impressed with the way she is so smiley. I would like to be more smiley. I managed it this morning at the 711 with the serving man. It was a good feeling.

You're right though, I don't know what she's really like. And by the way she's a cook and on Masterchef she was really sweet to everyone.

I will keep the Conan reference in mind, thank you for the wisdom!

PS Can you tell me again how to italicise within comments?

Anonymous said...



I think those are the only two types of text formatting that Blogger lets you use in comments. Look at the line directly under this input box if you need to jog your memory.

I managed it this morning at the 711 with the serving man. It was a good feeling.

It is, isn't it. I've found that it gets easier and more natural with time, too. When I started smiling at people they would ask me if something was wrong or tell me that I looked like I was in pain or going to cry. Now I smile all the time and people (usually) smile back; which is awesome.

MG said...


MG said...

wow it works