Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Two posts, one day

I couldn't not post this. Check it.

This top pic was taken by Daniel Boud ( of Marieke Hardy and Anthony Hayes.

It is an homage (I guess) to the other pic of Hinchy and friend, taken in 1979 (I believe) by a photographer other than Boudist. I prefer the cropped version that appears on her blog, not for prudish reasons but just because you can see the expression on his face more clearly and you are less distracted by her breasts (while enjoying the suggested swell.)

I looked at her blog again today (it's fairly quiet over there, nothing like the wild old days of RWYWHM, there's no comments for one) and again, was struck by a familiarity about the dude's face.

Then I realised. I googled Anthony Hayes (also, in the good old days known as Roguemaze; he ran a blog and his avatar was a sensuous pic of Melissa George, I remember him saying he thought she was a sex-bomb, and now he's playing her hubby in The Slap. The other thing I remember about Roguemaze was him telling me he liked complicated women and I told him he didn't, he was just saying that but really, he'd prefer simple and easy.)

Are they in a relationship? Is he the ginger that she refers to at the end of her book? I am all agog and if anyone can spill, I'll be your best friend.


Anonymous said...

Since caricatures are one of my favourite things, I spend a fair bit of time looking for photos of celebrities (that I know). I don't know anything about this photo except that it is at least a year old (it was probably taken in 2009, because that would have been 20yrs since the original, yes?).

Looks like you've sorted out your picture posting problem?

Anonymous said...

Or maybe even 30yrs.

Also, what is a complicated woman? Does that just mean capricious and pain-in-the-arsey?

Melbourne Girl said...

I don't think I've done anything to my picture posting Alex, it's just that there wasn't much text... I maybe clicked a different position when I downloaded.

Yes, complicated means exactly that.

Anonymous said...

After finally looking at that link, I see there is already a date attached. Please disregard my crap attempt at detective work.

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