Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the fifteen-year-old girl in me

Nota bene: hussar jacket a la Adam Ant

The 15-year-old girl who still lives inside of me says YES to Reece Mastin

She also says YES to Johnny Johnny Whoops Johnny Ruffo

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, she says NO to Nut Man, aka Andrew Wishart. But the 40+ woman that I am also says NO to NM.


Good news is that I can watch this tripe again next year (as long as Mel B and Guy Seb are on it. Don't care if they lose NatBass, she is mad as a cut snake. Ronan was a bit meh. But I'd take either of those two over that Sandilands fuck.) I had made a Henchard vow that if Nut Man won I would 'never watch the show again*.'

Apologies to Alex for not doing many posts. Maybe next year. I think it was maybe because Hug Man stopped being so huggy, and after the auditions it wasn't that funny.

* I've never watched it before, either.


magical_m said...

The fifteen-year-old girl in me liked Rhys too. However the forty-year-old me found the sight of a sixteen-year-old singing "take a ride on my twelve-cylinder symphony" to a forty-something Kylie Minogue, more than slightly disturbing. Surely they could have picked a more appropriate Kylie song for them to duet?

PS - NatBass is bat-shit crazy. Ronan is duller than a dull thing from the planet dullsville. But Mel B... well, she rocks. I think it's the accent, and the fact she's completely honest - if she thinks you're shite, she won't lie to you. Plus she was a Spice Girl. We all know how much I love the Spice Girls.

Melbourne Girl said...

The Kylie thing didn't bother me, maybe because my 15-year-old inner girl was still in control of my body. I don't know the lyrics, but yes, you are right. It would probably have been more commented on had the genders been reversed...

Mel B does rock ("look at my peep-hole") and the accent, yes. Bloody awesome. And the way she moved her hands and gesticulated all the time to the side of her head was quite infectious. I find myself doing it a lot now.

magical_m said...

At least he didn't do the line at the end where Robbie sing-speaks: "press be asking do I care for sodomy
I don't know, yeah, probably".

Little poppet. He probably had no clue about the level of innuendo in that song. Bless.

Anonymous said...

No need for apologies Melbs; I'm grateful for what I got. Besides, I had assumed you'd gotten fed up and stopped watching, which I found completely understandable.

I think my fifteen-year-old girl is telling me "no" on all accounts. They're just ... too ... pretty? I don't know; my fifteen-year-old girl still thinks Yuen Biao & Lam Ching Ying are teh hawtness.

Isn't Sandilands that DJ prick who put the girl on the lie-detector? Is he still working in entertainment?

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Melbourne Girl said...

No offence Winda but no. Just no.

Alex, I know what you mean about pretty, but all? Don't you mean both? I don't like pretty these days but the 15 year old girl did. Adam Ant, need I say more?

eat my shorts said...

I just read Winda's exact same comment on someone else's blog two seconds ago.

I bet Winda is one of those people on Instagram who only comments to say "Follow me!"

Anonymous said...

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