Friday, November 04, 2011

desperate call out to the people of melbourne

I have been trying for ages to find out where to get pubic hair dyed.

I have googled and googled.

I am hoping that, like in 2006, I have a few more passersby than just Alex who might pop in and offer suggestions. The post above was when I was looking for the best haircutter in Melbourne and funnily enough it came up on page 2 of google returns when I googled 'pubic hair dying melbourne salons': the reason, Grant Edmunds's comment.

So, I know there's a product called Betty Beauty but it's a DIY and I don't want to DIY. Surely, in this world where everything can be waxed and I can quite easily get my anus bleached, someone out there is prepared to breathe life (!) into my pubic hair?

Surely I'm not the only person who is in need of such a service? Guaranteed, if anyone wanted to open a business specialising in this area I'm sure there would be heaps of customers; people who just want to dzus (sp?) it up a little, women who are grey, men who are grey, society matrons who are grey. What do all the women who have botox, spend heaps on colouring their roots, clothes, makeup etc. Are you telling me they are walking around with grey snatches? I think not.

Or is the brazilian what people are using to deal with this issue?

I leave it with you. Have a good weekend.


magical_m said...

Hmmm. The answer to this I do not know, however I have found a rather awesome threading salon within seconds of my new house, who do rather a nice job on ladytaches.

Shall I ask them if they know of any such places?


Melbourne Girl said...

Hey m_m yessss please.

Now that I think your neck of the woods is sorta mine as well, that would be great. Or are you north? I would travel for it.

And we must coffee, or wine, before Christmas?

Anonymous said...

"Labels: pubic hair dye" - now *that's* meta-data ;)

elaine said...

I also do not know, but I would have thought a place that does brazillians might be able to advise?

magical_m said...

I am now in Armadale. Which is quite close to you I do believe! And yes. Coffee/wine/beverages are in order pre-Christmas. Do Tuesdays work for you? It's pretty much my only free day apart from weekends. Unless we do an evening, since I usually have those free!

PS - The threading ladies looked at me blankly when I asked them about places which might provide the service you require. So I guess that means they don't know. Sorry.

Melbourne Girl said...

Well I've tracked someone down who does it. Brazilian Butterfly have salons all over Melbs, including one in St Kilda, oh joy.

BUT their bright colours only last about 3 days ($30), and she said that she could use the same dye as eyelash/brows if I wanted a natural colour like black or brown, and when I said would that be okay for the pubic region she said 'it should be okay.'

I don't like the word 'should' in that sentence.

So, hm, annoying.

If only there was the Betty Beauty product, it's a DIY dye that has been made specially for that area.

Maybe I'm ahead of my time and just have to wait.

Alex said...

Maybe you could buy some Betty and bring it in with you?

Melbourne Girl said...

Yeah, maybe I should, but it only seems available online.

Perhaps I'll take a punt. It's not expensive.

So which colour. Pink or blue. Or green?

Alex said...

If you're paranoid about shopping online, you can apparently get pre-paid Visa cards from the post office.

As for colour, it's almost a shame to have to choose. Are you doing up top to match?

Alex said...

I see the blue apparently comes with a heart stencil -- if that's of any interest.

Melbourne Girl said...

Nah not paranoid about shopping online Alex. Not sure which colour, and no I wouldn't be into the stencil idea.

No, not dying up top to match, I've weaned myself off hair dye. I look thirty years older but it's much easier and much healthier.

When I get a chance I'll order and let you know.

Pics to follow.

Alex said...

Looking forward to them.

Melbourne Girl said...