Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Vanilla Ice?

This morning in the rain, heading back from Seaford (don't ask, long story) I passed the Chelsea Heights Hotel.

Their billboard said:

James Reyne

Richard Clapton

Shannon Noll

Vanilla Ice

It's almost like one of those IQ tests - pick the odd one out, you know like: rabbit horse zombie cow.

Reyne and Clapton are fitting, Shannon Noll sorta kinda but Vanilla Ice is just sad.

If I was an ageing rock-star I would seriously not play at the Chelsea Heights Hotel. I would take up a completely different job if I had to earn money and then play music as a hobby.

Wouldn't you?


Alex said...

If you haven't seen this before, you really should.

Rob Van Winkle is a comedy genius.

Melbourne Girl said...

Really? It looks like something I wouldn't get 5 mins through.

Alex said...

Depends on your sense of humour, I suppose. You might be surprised.

jo_blue said...

I was at our local town festival and James Reyne was the headline act. Great for us - a nice night with fireworks and a quick trip back to the 80's which was lots of fun, but a bit sad for him maybe - he didn't look happy at all and left the stage very quickly. I reckon if you're going to keep playing music, at least look like you're having fun with it.

Melbourne Girl said...

Yeah Jo that's even worse. They should still be enjoying it or not doing it. Go work in a supermarket otherwise.

Well Alex I'm heading to the video store today, I will look it up and get back to you.