Saturday, December 10, 2011

1.About to take Princess to TopShop.

Wish me luck, oh people of Melbourne.

2. And then I'm going for 'lemons' with some bloggers.

3. And then I'm going to a partay tonight.

When really, all I want to do is the middle option.

Is it just me but as soon as the clock ticks from midnight on 30 Nov to one past midnight on 1 Dec things just go mental. Birthdays, catch ups, Christmas things you have to think about. When all I really want to do is number 2 above and read my books. And potter in a writerly way.


elaine said...

December is my least favourite month. I hate it.

There is always series of social obligations, often tumbling into each other with no reprieve, where one is expected to "have fun" because it is christmasTM. An ex of mine coined the term compulsory fun.

Can we just skip to february please? And miss the rubbish and the presents and all the other nonsense that means nothing but we are expected to find meaning in.

Melbourne Girl said...

It's a love-hate thing with me, elaine. But it seriously sucks when it comes to busy-ness, I hate that more as I get older. I want to just be a hermit woman.

When people start saying 'we need to catch up before Christmas' even if you've just seen them 6 weeks out from Christmas. Annoying. Leave me alone. Where's the nearest cave.

Melbourne Girl said...

But Topshop was interesting actually and not too painful although we had to queue for change rooms and queue to pay.

Prices = good.
Range = good.
Sparkly ankle boots = AMAZING

I didn't buy anything for me of course. It's not for old chooks.

elaine said...

I bought a coat from topshop (online) at the start of winter this year. It's navy blue with spodgy spots on it. A bit like a trench coat but with a nice full skirty bit.

I wonder if the actual shop is like the online shop. There are a few good things there.