Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Am I crazy? I must be, mustn't I?

Thanks Alex for so willingly holding my hand and climbing down the ladder to 1Q84 with me. It was much better with you along for the ride.

While you no doubt recover and immerse yourself in something completely different (ie science stuff?) I have started reading The Kindly Ones by Jonathan Littell which weighs in at 975 pages and was recommended to me by a blogger (squib or bookmoth?) a couple of years ago.

It's about a Nazi SS oberstumphenfuhrer (or something) and I figure, why the hell not?

I'll let you know how I go.

What plans for Christmas?

Oh and we have started watching Game of Thrones. HBO. Animal skins draped across shoulders and a kick-ass young tomboy who doesn't want to grow up and marry a Lord and run his castle.

Aren't tv and books simply delicious? (A word I picked up from Jude Law on his 'bromance' with Robert Downey Jnr: "Don't call it a bromance, it belittles it. It's so much more than that.")


Anonymous said...

I don't really get to watch as many videos as I used to. People keep giving me stuff and it keeps piling up unwatched. I might even have some Game Of Thrones here; I honestly don't know. The only show I watch religiously at the moment is My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. I've always had a fascination with animation and I think some children's shows are better than what people are willing to give them credit for. It's like what you were saying about people seeing things as being "beneath" them, I guess.

My family is not particularly sentimental when it comes to Christmas, so I will probably just be getting a jump on some jobs that would otherwise have to be done in the new year. Which means I might be a bit busy for the next week or two, but I shall at least be working under the gaze of a tiny USB powered Chrissy-tree that someone gave me. After that, if you have another book you'd like to go tandem on, let me know. I look forward to it.

What are you up to for the holidays?

elaine said...

how good is Game of Thrones! (not a question).

The tv series lead me to buy the series of audiobooks - I'm just up to the second book. (with the added bonus that it's a perfect accompaniment to knitting).

Do you disrespect me a little for being an audiobook person? I would. But it means I get to consume the written word AND keep on knitting.

Melbourne Girl said...

It's your choice for next book Alex, if you want to.

For Christmas, we are having my side of family here to our place, and getting away for a bit to the beach which will be nice. I also have a couple of writing things I'm going to in January.


Elaine, audiobooks are good for exactly that sort of thing or long drives. We listened to Watership Down and The Wind in the Willows on a road trip to Byron Bay when Princess was younger. It was something I'll never forget. Wonderful.

Game of Thrones! We have only watched four eps but me, Clokes and Princess are all hooked.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we could do the Game Of Thrones books that you're all excited about now.

Also, I've had a bit of an interest in economics since this whole GFC thing started. Do you know of any good books specifically relating to what's going on in Europe at the moment? That's probably not something you're going to be overly keen on though, is it?

Melbourne Girl said...

No I don't know any economics books but my bro might, he's into that sort of stuff. I'll ask him when he gets back from... Japan.

Game of Thrones? I'm not sure it's a discussion type of book. Don't even have a copy, just got a text from Clokes who is out Christmas shopping and he said they didn't have it at Chaddy. But then there's no bookshops there really... quite telling really. Because people are obviously buying up on Chanel and LV, books aren't part of their world.