Friday, December 02, 2011

Because it's my birthday

You get two posts for one.

There are many reasons why I'm happy my daughter loves Adele, rather than say Beyonce or Lady Gaga. This video demonstrates all of those reasons.

Beautiful song.


Alex said...

I didn't see any stripper-dancing in that video, so that's a big plus right there, I would say.

Happy birthday, Melbs.

M said...

Happy birthday!
...and I agree. There's a truth in her voice that you don't hear much these days from the rest of the pop crowd.

jo_blue said...

Love this. I haven't really listened to her before but what a voice.

Melbourne Girl said...

Yes no stripper dancing, that is indeed one of the reasons Alex. Also she isn't dressed like a stripper. And she writes her own stuff, sings beautifully.

My daughter put me on to her.

Yeah, what a voice.

Melbourne Girl said...

Reminds me of Alison Moyet in a way but much much cooler.