Monday, February 20, 2012

I know I know

It's been so long.

But this just caught my eye and I had to share.

I want a writers hut so badly, you have now idea. I want it in a beautiful garden, and I prefer the truly rustic ones, nothing flash.

Check out some others here.


jo_blue said...

Nice, I'd love a writer's hut too, even though I'm not really an author. A nice hut though to read and browse and write the blog. What a luxury.

Anonymous said...

Looks good, but it might be cheaper to get a laptop that you can take anywhere.

Melbourne Girl said...

Yes Jo it could be a place where you could do anything.

Alex I have a laptop, but that's not the point, it's about having a quiet place away from everyone that is cute and writerly. It's a psychological desire more than a practical one. But I am determined and one day I shall have a writer's hut.

Melbourne Girl said...
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