Friday, July 20, 2012

Some small writerly news

So a while ago I knocked out an essay for the Voiceless Prize. The essay had to be between 5K & 10K words, and be concerned with animals produced for food in Australia, or found in the native environment. I chose to write about cows and it wasn't easy to scrape together a coherent 5,000 words.

But I was shortlisted out of 350+ entries and I am a little bit pleased with myself.

So, yay me.

By the way, being shortlisted doesn't mean I am still in the running for a prize. It's more like a longlist (though they call it a shortlist) and it means that they might publish my piece on their website or 'communications' (whatever that means.)

Oh, and the judging panel was headed by JM Coetzee. (This is probably the most exciting part of all, to think he may have read my words.)


Rockstar Mama said...

Congrats. Hope you get published. Always awesome to hear good news of someone else.

jo_blue said...

YAY you! Congratulations and who is JM Coetzee?

Melba said...

Thank you both, and hello Rockstar.

Alex said...

Yay you indeed.

Melba said...

Thanks Alex, I forgot to say the shortlist was a final 34 out of the 350 entries. So yeah, more like a longlist but at least it's some feedback!

Melba said...
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