Monday, July 23, 2012

Glad that's over with for another year

We have been more heavily into this than in past years. Before it was the food and our annual 'Franch' meal however this year the beginning of the race coincided with my and Princess's trip north. She got more knowledgeable about it than moi, in about half a day, she seemed to know all their names, all the team names and colours, what all the maillot colours mean. She had a short list of faves, particularly she was into the Germans because she enjoyed saying their surnames so much. Over and over.

The funny thing is we didn't even watch it last year, when Cadellikins (as P calls him) won. I had seen him complete tour after tour in previous years, wearing the yellow then losing it. Dominating on the mountains, but never quite getting there. As Princess said: Why didn't we watch last year? I can't remember why, perhaps I was busy with this or that. Certainly I would have been writing.

So we are pumped for next year. And I have to say, I went from hating Wiggins to not minding him. I was annoyed by the cyborg Sky team who seemed to crush all in their path and never had any facial expressions, who always positioned themselves in the front in a vee, protecting their man (like they're meant to) but there was an arrogance.

One last thing: AG2R La Mondiale PLEASE do something about the pants next year.


Alex said...

Christ, are those real photos?

Reminds me of stuff Dee used to post on TSSH; bless her.

Melba said...

Yes real photos, yes the pants are pretty see through. No they don't wear undies but the worst bit was seeing them from the back. The crack was very distracting.

Dee meaning oh, what was her name? I've got her on my blogroll somewhere, I actually met her once. At Persey's 40th bd drinks. Almost met Lewd Bob too but he ran away...

Alex said...

I think she went under the full name Dione Bliss; which was also the name of a Neighbours character or something to do with the Neighbours recaps, I think.

Even though she died while I was still a lurker, I miss her. Her stuff always made me laugh. It's a pity all the old TSSH stuff is locked away and Skeletal Remains and The Hangover were deleted.

Melba said...

Huh whaddya mean? Someone who was posting died? I know there was someone who scammed people into *thinking* she died and it was bullshit, but I didn't know about this one. I don't think... Heavy.

So how come none of it is cached? You know how people say you can delete stuff but it's always still there. I know it's true. I've deleted certain things but then if I google them, they come up, or my blog comes up.

Alex said...

I didn't know about the fake death thing. It's probably the same one. I just know that one day on The Hangover Boogeyman posted a message saying that he had received an email from Dee's husband informing him that she had had a long term illness that she had finally succumbed to. I never heard anything more about it and just assumed it was probably true.

The thing about deleting things from the internet is that you never know who has made a copy and you should generally assume that somebody has. There are dozens of free programs that allow anyone to copy entire websites with a single command and there are companies and organisations who have an interest in copying whole sections of the web. Search engines like Google cache webpages and there's a group called the internet archive that basically aims to preserve everything on the internet for future generations (imagine anthropologists in a thousand years and such). However, Google's cache isn't permanent and the archive will remove stuff if you request it; so where you can go to find a copy of something that's been deleted is not always obvious. TSSH was picked up by the Pandora archive which is a bit like the internet archive except it only does Aussie sites that they deem worthy. But when TSSH closed they had their Pandora backup locked, so no one gets to look at it for another ninety years or so.

Melba said...

Oooh just found this reply. I didn't read TSSH much and certainly never commented there I would have been eaten alive I think.

Weird about what's on at the other place now isn't it? The news article on the weekend and the link to the blog? And Persey's news is nice isn't it? Would be great if we could see pics. I wish he was still there I used to love his posts but things change and move, don't they?

Hope you're well??

Alex said...

Hey, just got back from (about) a week of house/child minding. Was too busy/exhausted to want to look at stuff on the internet. Just wanted to sleep.

Persey's news certainly is nice -- though, as you say, I suspect he too is probably thinking more about sleep now than what's going on on the internets. Things do change indeed.

I'm kind of surprised that TSFKA hasn't filled up with Clam Barstool supporters telling us all how terrible we are. Just the one comment. I watched the Dawson interview on 60 Minutes and the only thing I got from it was a powerful urge to see the entire program hang itself with its face in a toaster. Uninformative, emotionally-targeted drivel. Of course the topic itself is much bigger and more nuanced than all that and there are valid points to be made on all sides of the argument. Still, at the end of the day, I don't like the idea of laws telling us how civilly we have to talk to each other on the internet.