Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday Crytime

I don't go looking for these things, they come across my desk, so to speak. But I am a sucker for them and they usually leave me with tears rolling down my face.

Here's one, though, that isn't so cry-y. It's just gorgeous, I wonder if this movie did come out and I wonder where I can see it.



Anonymous said...

It seems it did. You can get it from Yank Land on either DVD or Blu Ray for under ten bucks; or you can buy it locally and pay three fucking times that much. Or you can try your luck with one of these youtube uploads.

Melba said...

Thanks Alex, watched the whole movies from your first link ('try')- thanks for finding it for me, I had had a look but could only find rubbish links.

Beautiful movie, and so interesting.